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“Ten Most Important Things I Know for Sure” by President Russell M. Nelson

“Ten Most Important Things I Know for Sure” by President Russell M. Nelson

Elder Neil L. Andersen and his wife Kathy have been traveling with President Nelson and his wife Wendy and sharing some of the wonderful messages that the prophet has been sharing with the great Latter-day Saints of Canada.

Elder Andersen posted the following on his Facebook page:

“Tonight was a night we will all long remember. More than 4,000 Saints from the Montreal/Ottawa area in the Montreal Palais des Congres, and others in buildings in the Provinces of Quebec and Ottawa, came prepared to listen to the prophet.

Eighty-five voices of numerous nationalities and cultures of birth joined together in the Montreal choir singing, “Reste Avec Nous, Seigneur” (“Abide with Me”). The Spirit of the Lord was in especially rich abundance as President Nelson spoke for 45 minutes on the subject of “The Ten Most Important Things I Know for Sure.”

don't doubt president nelson

He began by saying that he was most probably the oldest person in the room, with his 94th birthday less than a month away. He spoke about how he had studied many things in his life, and traveled throughout the world. He said that he could save some of the younger people in the room 60 to 70 years by declaring tonight the 10 most important things that he knew for sure.

In her remarks prior to President Nelson, Sister Wendy Nelson said that there are times when President Nelson speaks and suddenly he seems about 30 years younger. Tonight was one of these nights as the Spirit of the Lord rested upon the Prophet and the thousands of Saints sat riveted to his words.

At the conclusion, he blessed the Saints with healing of their bodies and spirits; homes of peace and joy; love for God and His words; and a greater testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and His restored gospel. Whenever someone asks, “Where were you in August 2018?” I will remember this trip and especially this meeting.”

The Ten Most Important Things I Know for Sure

Here are the “Ten Most Important Things I Know for Sure” by President Russell M. Nelson.

  1. God is our Father.
  2. Jesus Christ is our Savior.
  3. We are created in Their image.
  4. God communicates with His children through His prophets.
  5. The scriptures are true.
  6. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true.
  7. Satan is allowed to function.
  8. The youth of Zion are a chosen generation.
  9. Joy comes from keeping the commandments of God.
  10. Salvation is individual, and exaltation is with the family.

Where were you in August 2018?” I will remember this trip and especially this meeting.

presiden nelson canada

We are so grateful for all that Elder Andersen has shared from his trip to Canada with the prophet. We are also grateful for their wonderful spouses and the support and spirit they bring to these gatherings.

Of the ten things listed by President Nelson, which one holds the most special place in your heart?

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Elaine Williams

Wednesday 26th of December 2018

the most meaningful thing to me out of those ten most important things listed by our Prophet is number 9, keeping the commandments of God brings joy! to me this says it all, keeping the commandments covers all, we keep the comandments by doing and believing all 10 of those things, and joy is the result of doing so. xxxx

Karen M. Schultz

Thursday 15th of July 2021

@Elaine Williams,