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5-year-old Ukulele Strumming Claire Ryann Sings “A Million Dreams” with Her Father Dave Crosby

Claire Crosby has been learning ukulele recently and was able to show off her talent in her latest YouTube video.

The video opens with a close-up of Claire strumming her ukulele and singing beautifully.

5-year-old Claire teamed up with her dad, Dave Crosby, as they sing “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman.

The Claire and the Crosby’s YouTube channel now has over 1.2 million subscribers and over 200 million views.

Check out their latest heart-warming performance by clicking the video below.


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7 thoughts on “5-year-old Ukulele Strumming Claire Ryann Sings “A Million Dreams” with Her Father Dave Crosby

  1. I’m also going to be watching all of your and your family’s youtube channel. If you want it you can also say hey what’s up fun stuff like that I love you so much grandma and Cosby and I wanted to say that if you are a girl anaconda song I like Claire Ryann Crosby and I miss you videos of you and your family are doing well through all that has been going on lately and I am okay claire Ryann Crosby and tell your mom, Dad, brother and your sister what I had told you okay claire Ryann Crosby.

  2. Every time I hear your little girl sing it brings tears to my eyes and goosebumps on my arms. There are no words for the potential she has.

  3. Such a beautiful father & daughter tandem… what an angelic voice of her, adorable and magnificent to watch!!!
    My heart ❤️ moves of an inspiring messages they compiled with. I love 💕 to hear every minute i supposed, oh my!!! Great feeling!!!

  4. I knew the 1st time I saw them they would be great and when I posted it, I said they should be on Ellen’s show and she had them on within that wk!!

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