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What a One Member LDS Ward Choir Would Look Like

What a One Member LDS Ward Choir Would Look Like

Have you ever heard a church choir sing on Sunday and felt bad, realizing they needed more singers?

I know I have. (So I’ll usually show up to practice the next week)

Sometimes you can’t hear the song because choir members are small in number, or the ones that are singing simply don’t have much coming out of their mouths.

The solution? It’s Blake Sharette.

blake sharette music

Who says we need dozens of people to fill a choir? With this day and age of modern technology, let’s drop the projector screen behind the pulpit and hit play on a laptop and watch Blake do his thing.

Blake recently released his rendition of All Creatures of Our God and King, and he knocked it out of the park! He said:

After almost losing my life, my eyes were opened to how much of a miracle each day is. Every morning I wake up and thank God for the beautiful place that I live in. I decided to arrange this incredible hymn because it perfectly describes that gratitude.

Be sure to share this video so others can enjoy what a one man ward choir would look like!


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Friday 6th of July 2018

Thanks so much for the article Ben! More to come!

Ben Arkell

Saturday 7th of July 2018

We can't wait!