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A Missionary’s Prayer Gives You a Peek into the Heart of a Missionary

A Missionary’s Prayer Gives You a Peek into the Heart of a Missionary

A new song from Tyler Castleton, Wayne Burton, and Anna Richey takes you into the heart of a missionary as they plead with the Lord to magnify their efforts.

The song, A Missionary’s Prayer, was released on Anna Richey’s YouTube channel, where she explains what this song means to her personally.

“When Tyler asked me to sing and record this song, I was very excited. While I was driving to the recording studio and listening to the song, I was thinking about what this song meant to me and how I could connect with it the best.

The lines “keep the ones whom I have loved, in your watchful care” and “faithful til my work is done, then bring me safely home” really stood out to me.

a missionary's prayer

I thought about missionaries who have left their homes for 18 months – 2 years, but then I started thinking about my sweet daddy who had passed away. I started thinking about his life mission while he still alive on earth.

As we started recording the song, I could not stop the tears from streaming down my face. My heart burst as I thought about my dad singing this song, praying to his Heavenly Father to watch over his family because my dad is now safely home.

keep the ones whom I have loved, in your watchful care

I hope this song means as much to you as it does to me. We are all involved in missionary service by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with those around us. God bless those who are “publishing peace” throughout the world.”

You can listen to A Missionary’s Prayer by playing the YouTube video below.




Monday 17th of September 2018

Don't be deceived my dear that the Lord worksheet on us missionaries and we don't be exited to used our talent but the lord is always with outside working unceasingly......used your divine inspiration on looking for the right person on your way on the field ...for the Lord waited you so long to be guided by his spirit unto your love ones on the field and right individual to receive the gospel.....every missionary has its own flock to come and open the door on them to the glorious kingdom of te Lord Jesus CHRIST