Missionary Companionships You Will Have to See to Believe

missionary tall and short

As a missionary wearing a nametag and walking around in your Sunday best, you certainly get some eyeballs on you.

You get used to being the center of attention.

For these missionary companionships, they give people another reason to stare!

tall missionaries

Elder Branden Carlson, who is serving in the England Manchester Mission, is very large in stature, in fact, he is 7 feet tall!

Occasionally you will see Elder Carlson on splits with another missionary from his district, Elder Artates, who is 5 feet tall.

When you see them together, they definitely stand out. Elder Carlson’s mother said they have a blast being together and would love to be full-time companions one day.

The difference in height is definitely an awesome conversation starter to help break the ice with strangers. It’s bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face as well.

The time has come for us to stand a little taller. – Gordon B. Hinckley

My bet is Elder Carlson could handle Elder Artates on the basketball court but Elder Artates could dribble a soccer ball under Elder Carlson’s legs.

We wish these elders continued success in Manchester and hope all those that find it fascinating to watch these two elders together will be as interested in the beautiful message they share.

Do you have a photo of missionaries that have a large height disparity? If so, we’d love to add them to this article. Send them to info@calledtoshare.com.

Elizabeth sent us a fun photo of her son with his companion as they are standing next to a senior couple they serve with in the Adriatic North Mission.

tall missionaries

Pictured left to right is Elder Gasser (Elizabeth’s son) whose height is 6″7′, and he comes from Centerville Utah. His companion, Elder Goldman, is 6″10′ and he is from Madison, Alabama. The senior couple, Elder and Sister Loveridge, are around 5″6′ to 5″8′ tall from Bountiful, Utah.
Michelle and Ray Chan-Tung also sent a photo of their missionary Sister Chan-Tung who served her mission in Cambodia. Sister Chan-Tung is 6″1′ and makes her companions from the Provo MTC look tiny.
tall sister missionaries
Sister Chan-Tung is Samoan/Chinese and was born in New Zealand, but then moved to Gold Coast, Australia when she was 4.
Thanks to everyone who has sent in photos. Keep them coming!

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As a missionary wearing a nametag and walking around in your Sunday best, you certainly get some eyeballs on you. You get used to...
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