Baptism of Juanita

122-Year-Old Woman from Mexico is Baptized into the LDS Church


Juanita is not your average 122-year-old. But then again, is there such a thing as an average 122-year-old?

Probably not.

This is exactly what makes Juanita so unique and exceptional.

At the young age of 122, Juanita recently decided to make a covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ and be received into His church through baptism.

Kevin Doman, who is currently serving as the mission president in the Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission in Mexico, shared some incredible pictures of Juanita’s recent baptism.

Baptism of Juanita 122

President Doman shared the following details from the baptismal service. As Juanita was gently being raised out of the water she exclaimed, “Kolabal a Jesucristo!!”, which in her native Mayan language means “Thank you Jesus Christ.”

Baptism of Juanita 122

President Doman also spoke of the wonderful feeling that was present at Juanita’s baptism, as she and five other converts joined the church. “Baptism of Juanita who is 122 years old!! Must be a record! What a tender and unforgettable experience and such a powerfully sweet Spirit.”

Baptism of Juanita 122

President Doman and others are seeking to verify Juanita’s age with source documents. He said they are getting birth and christening records from her church because they want to be 100% accurate.

Sister Doman shared more details from the baptism on her Instagram account.

122 year old baptism in Mexico

122 year old baptism in Mexico

Elder Josh Bauman is currently serving in the Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission and in his weekly email he told his family about the experience.

“We were invited to the baptism of 6 people, one of which was a 122 year-old woman from Ocosingo. As soon as we got into the chapel they were carrying her into the font. We took some pictures and stuff, and then they took her in. We had to send in three people because she is so fragile.

They asked if President and I would be the witnesses, so two elders and one of the members got into the font, and the whole time she was in there she was saying “Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus” but with a small voice that struck right into the very center of your heart.

After they baptized her she came up and said “Kolabal Jesucristo” which is Tzeltal for “Thank you Jesus Christ.” There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  I felt the Spirit very strongly.”

We are so grateful for our dear missionaries and the efforts they make to find the Lord’s sheep. We are grateful that Juanita and others were able to come unto Christ and become members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The remarkable story of Juanita proves again that the Lord is always eager to have us come unto Him, and that “his hand is stretched out still.” (2 Nephi 20:4)

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122 year-old baptized in Mexico

34 thoughts on “122-Year-Old Woman from Mexico is Baptized into the LDS Church

  1. It’s amazing that some are inclined to use terms like “false” relative to the reports on the age of this lady. That the documentation hasn’t been found yet is not the same as it being false. As others have pointed out here, innumerable people have lived whose birth was never documented as we’re accustomed to have happen, but that doesn’t invalidate the reality of their birth. Anyone who supposes that no one has ever lived longer than what we have documented in our modern times is very naive indeed.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. That is so exciting! I would be amazing to get to meet Juanita, she definitely seems like a precious spirit.

  3. What a wonderful story! I’m so happy for you and your family. I’m sure your mother was very instrumental in your father’s baptism, even after her death.

  4. Roberta, thank you for your lovely comment. I agree with you wholeheartedly. It sounds like you have a wonderful conversion story of your own!

  5. Hey Shad, thanks for the comment! Yeah, it should be cool if they are able to verify the age. I know they are looking it and trying to search christening records to see if it can be verified. I hope your son is doing well!

  6. Exciting day for her, her family and those supporting her. My son is serving in Aguascalientes right now so we’re trying to stay up to date on positive notes in Mexico. This woman says she was born in 1896 is good enough for me. Not every single old person is on wikipedia nor tracked by all databases. Should be fun to verify her actual age with a birth certificate if they can find it. Back then however – many folks were born in their homes…i.e. no certificate.

  7. This is amazing that someone that doesn’t look 8, decides to get baptize no matter what the age.
    This sounds alot like those people Alma and Amulek were teaching in the Book Of Mormon. Are we so caught up in the age, that we are forgetting the spirit of what has happened. Please stop always looking for fault and catch the spirit. This little lady saw the truth and acted on it. I agree that the people that have verified their age are the ones that the report is talking about. Not all people have verification of age, and it doesn’t matter anyway. A little old lady, no matter her age, caught the spirit of the Lord and now is baptized. I hope she lives long enough to go to the temple. Hopefully the church might let her go before the year mark, so she can have that blessing. I joined the church when I was 16 and was converted on Temple Square. To me anyone who gets baptized is amazing, especially when they are that age.

  8. I just have to laugh at all the naysayers about her age. There are BILLIONS of people in the world – these ‘certified’ articles are only speaking to the ‘oldest person that has been found & ‘certified’ SO FAR. Come on folks – use a little common sense. It’s amazing how some people will derail a wonderful event by nit-picking at something completely off point.

  9. Another of the Lords miracles. Heavenly Father knows her and her age and knows she has a place with him. This is what counts. It is so wonderful members of her family also followed in baptism. Much joy now in the spirit world.

  10. Hope that this tale doesn’t become another Mormon myth. The lack of age confirmation needs to be part of the tale. The tale is just as wonderful regardless of her age

  11. Well, she beat my Dad! He was only 98 years, 9 months, and 20 days old when he was baptized. This was in Colorado, USA. And his age was thoroughly documented. I was very proud of his decision to humble himself to receive baptism at his advanced age. My mother had been a member for many years, joining only months after I did when I was 20. After she passed all he wanted to do was be with her again, and thanks to loving home teachers (who already knew how to minister, even before the new program) who brought the missionaries to him, my parents are now sealed to each other, and I to them. What a tremendous blessing.

  12. Monica….you hit the nail on the head! What a beautiful little lady no matter what her age!
    It amazes me of the love I feel for her and her love for Christ! Thank you!

  13. At this point it doesn’t matter to me her age. She’s over 100 and has made a wonderful decision. God bless this angel.

  14. Juanita is from my branch, and I had the privilege to be there when she got baptized. Sister missionaries who found and taught her are still in my branch and are now teaching one of her daughters and great-granddaughters. It’s an amazing spirit you feel when you are around Juanita. She has brought a great spirit into our branch. Age verification is ok but you must just see her and you’ll feel so powerful a spirit that you are speechless. She is so humble and kind.

  15. Please correct the title of your article in line with 1Timothy 4:2. You may be waiting for “verification” on the lady’s age, but the oldest living person in the WORLD is 117.

  16. Chris, exactly! And that is why the mission president is working to get the age verified. It would be pretty historic! I have spoken with him personally and they are eager to get it cleared up.

  17. Sorry, but there are no living persons who were born before 1900. If this story were true, the Church just baptized the oldest person in the world. And she would qualify to be the oldest living person in the modern age.…/List_of_the_verified_oldest…

  18. Stupid computer screen getting all blurry on me. It was almost as if I was looking through water. Hmm.

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