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LDS Golfer Dislocates Ankle On Hole-In-One Then Pops It Back In Place

LDS Golfer Dislocates Ankle On Hole-In-One Then Pops It Back In Place

Tony Finau is an LDS golfer from Tonga who is currently making a run for his first green jacket at the Masters.

During the festivities the day before the Masters began, Finua was participating in the Par 3 Contest and played a beautiful iron shot and got an incredibly luck bounce.

The result? A hole-in-one!

After the ball land in the cup, Finau proceeded to run towards the green in celebration, then spun around and starting jogging backwards.

That’s when the accident happen.

Finau landed awkwardly on his ankle and appeared to dislocate it, steady himself, and then pop his ankle back into place.

There was concern that this would prevent him from playing his first round today at the Masters, but he decided to push through it as it was his first time playing in the most prestigious golf event in the US. As of the time of this article, Finau is dealing with his sore ankle well, as he is tied for 1st.

Check out this incredible shot, and potentially nausea-inducing video.

To learn more about Tony Finau, you can check out this incredible article on Deseret News.

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