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Rumors Swirling Around “Historic” General Conference

Rumors Swirling Around “Historic” General Conference

If you’ve spent any time on social media in the last week, you might have caught wind of rumors that there are some big changes happening during General Conference.

Let’s be honest, most of the buzz is from members with Twitter accounts who are having fun speculating about what could go down.

Take the “LDS Stake Clerk” account for example, whose post got plenty of engagement:

This tweet elicited dozens of responses as to what changes could be announced. Here are a few intriguing ones:

“Women can be Sunday School presidency members and Ward Mission Leaders”

“Elders and High Priests will combine for third hour lessons.”

“Everyone must get a civil marriage & then be sealed.”

“Sister Missionary age change to 18 years-old.”

Before you knew it, tweets about suspected changes turned into wish-lists:

No more home teaching program, instead, ‘ministering'”

“My husband is hoping they switch the priesthood meeting to the fall so he can watch the final four games.”

Nursery will be 3 hours long so parents can hear in sacrament meeting”

“We can always pray for “Dropping sports at all BYU campuses”

“**whispers under her breath**Please let it be no more visiting teaching….please let it be no more visiting teaching…please let it……..”

“Home teaching needs to go before visiting teaching.”

While these tweets are fun and interesting to think about, others pieces of information seem to hold more credence.

Like a report from a friend who said that two members of the Seventy in a recent Stake Conference stated this would be a “historic” General Conference and one that people would not want to miss.

Even more interesting is the following comment on Facebook post from a missionary mom who shared an excerpt from her son’s letter:

historic general conference rumors

For those who might not be able to read the image, the comment states:

“My son, who is serving in the Utah SLC Mission, sent this in his letter this week: “President Oaks came to our Sacrament Meeting on Sunday! It was so cool! He gave some awesome remarks on General Conference! He said that this coming Priesthood Session will be historic! Sunday Afternoon, women should not miss. Saturday Afternoon will also be historic not just because of the Solemn Assembly and two apostles being called, but also new activities and policies will be announced. Then he said basically just to not miss any of conference. It’s going to be incredible! Don’t miss it!”

What We Do Know About General Conference

While we don’t know for sure what will happen until this weekend, there will definitely be some incredible things to witness. The calling of two new apostles tops the list, but also the opportunity that President Russell M. Nelson will have to stand before the church for the first time as the prophet and set forth his vision.

This will also be an opportunity for each member of the church, if they have not already, to receive their own witness that President Nelson is the mouthpiece for the Lord and His divinely called prophet.

Are there anything changes/announcements you are hoping for? Putting rumor and speculation aside, of the things that we know are happening, what are you most looking forward to?

To find out how you can watch General Conference, click here > How to Watch General Conference

Lauralee Roddy

Saturday 31st of March 2018

I am totally with the abolishing BYU sports and getting rid of the basketball court set up in all church buildings. Dangerous and unnecessary. More fights than anything happen at 'men's Thursday night basketball'. Huge liability... maybe I'm just scarred from watching my dads face get stitched together on a dr in our wards couch after a church basketball game gone awry, or just not blinded by own personal preferences.

Also, for women who would love to use the less expensive venue for a wedding reception, it is a terrible, undisguisable look. No one ever has had a nice looking reception in a church gym... sorry have to say it.

Moroni Breitbart

Friday 30th of March 2018

I'm hoping for denial of Temple Recommend if you're know, the way many of us would rule if put in a position to judge.

J. Williams

Thursday 29th of March 2018

To the woman silently praying for Visiting Teaching to be abolished...I haven't had a visiting teacher since my baptism in 1988. Apparently, it's a bother to many.

Ben Arkell

Monday 2nd of April 2018

I'm sorry that you haven't been visited. I know many in the same boat. Hopefully you will start receiving visits now that we are to elevate our ministering.