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BOM Central’s “Knowing Why: 137 Evidences That the Book of Mormon Is True”

BOM Central’s “Knowing Why: 137 Evidences That the Book of Mormon Is True”


Book of Mormon Central began publishing their acclaimed KnoWhys on January 1, 2016. These are the first 137 published as a 380 page book. KnoWhys are short, well-illustrated, popular essays about one or more points of interest in the text.

The Know portion offers information you may not have known. The Why portion discusses its relevance or significance. Each KnoWhy is disseminated as an article on the Book of Mormon Central website and an audio podcast on Soundcloud. A synopsis is posted as a YouTube video with memes going out over Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

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The research and editorial team behind KnoWhys is chaired by John W. Welch, generally regarded as the leading Book of Mormon scholar in the LDS Church. This book represents the high water mark of current Book of Mormon Studies. Students who wish to broaden and deepen their understanding of Mormonism’s foundational text will be richly rewarded for time spent with this book. Casual readers who just want to browse the stunning graphics will find much to like.

– John W. Welch, on the BYU law faculty, holds advanced degrees from Oxford and Duke.
– Stephen O. Smoot is a graduate student in Egyptology at the University of Toronto.
– David J. Larsen holds advanced degrees from Marquette and the University of Saint Andrews.
– Taylor Halverson, BYU Teaching and Learning Consultant, holds advanced degrees from Yale and Indiana University.
– Jasmin Gimenez holds a BA in Ancient Near Eastern Studies from BYU.
– Neal Rappleye is an undergraduate in History at Utah Valley University.

True understanding of scripture requires diligent study not only reading at the surface level but delving deeper and asking the question why. For those who long to more fully understand the intricacies of scriptural doctrine and events, Knowing Why holds the key. In this unprecedented guide through the Book of Mormon, readers are invited on an exploration of the scriptures that asks and answers some of the most intriguing questions about the Book of Mormon, such as:

Why would a book be sealed?

Why are horses mentioned in the Book of Mormon?

How is Christ both the Father and the Son?

Readers are presented with more than one hundred questions about various facets of scriptural events and doctrinal beliefs. Each topic is then broken down into the know what is known about the topic and the why the purpose behind beliefs and events. With its wealth of thought-provoking questions and discussion, this invaluable resource will help readers delve deeply into gospel doctrine, engaging in scripture study in a way that enlightens the mind and expands the heart.

Anyone looking to strengthen their knowledge and testimony of The Book of Mormon will find this to be an invaluable resource. It will be a blessing to friends and family as well, who are looking to deepen their understanding of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.

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