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Missionary Performs An Original Song for a Fireside That Will Blow You Away

Missionary Performs An Original Song for a Fireside That Will Blow You Away

Have you ever heard a musical number in church and been in awe of the talent and spirit that was present?

Mariella has.

“I heard Sister Roach singing the first time in a musical fireside in our ward. I really saw her talent and her great voice and the lyrics inspired me,” she said.

If Mariella were like most people, that might have been the end of the story.

But Mariella isn’t like most people – in fact, she feels driven to share the message of Christ through the things that bring her joy.

“I have this deep wish to spread the love of Christ via creative, uplifting songs, videos, pictures, etc.”

So after hearing Sister Roach sing during the fireside, she approached her and pitched the idea of having her record her song in a professional audio recording studio.

erin roach plans for me

Mariella didn’t stop there.

Since Mariella is a photographer, she had a vision of creating a music video as well, knowing that many more across the world would be blessed by the message of Sister Roach’s song.

“I took her to the studio and did a music video production. I hope it will be able to inspire even more people.”

Sister Erin Roach is a missionary serving in Germany, and her song testifies of Christ’s power to be our guide and raise us to higher heights than we can on our own.

I know the Lord has plans for me – great plans for me.

I have a feeling that Mariella’s wish for this song will come true. If you would like this song to inspire more people as well, please consider sharing it with someone who comes to mind as you listen to it.

Sister Roach has heard that her video is spreading all around the internet now, and she is so humbled and grateful. She posted the following yesterday on her Facebook profile.


Wednesday 18th of April 2018

Is there any way I can get a copy of the lyrics to "Plans for Me"? My son is in a place he cannot get this music but I would love for him to see the lyrics. Thanks