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16 Questions An Apostle of the Lord Asked About Your Personal Integrity

16 Questions An Apostle of the Lord Asked About Your Personal Integrity

Integrity means the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles and moral uprightness.

But how do you judge the level of your integrity?

Are you living a life with integrity, and what small incremental improvements can be made?

Elder Ronald A. Rasband addressed the topic during a devotional at the Brigham Young University.

Here are the list of 16 questions that he asked the students to consider when evaluating their own integrity.

16 Question Integrity Check

Do you choose to stand in holy places and be not moved?

What does it mean to you to hold a current temple recommend and to count it a privilege?

Do you seek peace and comfort in the temple?

Is the temple worship of our Father in heaven and his Son, Jesus Christ, part of who you are?

Do you pray for promptings to help someone the Lord knows needs assistance? Or is your schedule just too busy?

When you make a mistake do you deny it or blame someone else? Or do you face the issue and resolve it?

When friends are maligning someone or being rude do you step away? Do you take their defense? Or do you join in for the sake of being a part of things?

How do you keep the Sabbath Day holy?

Do you fully strive to live the the Word of Wisdom?

If you served a mission, are you still doing the work of the Lord or have you slipped back into old habits, setting aside daily scripture study and morning and evening prayer?

And, do you honor and sustain the president of the church and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles? How do you speak of, support and follow their initiatives and teachings?

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