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Have You Memorized the 13 Articles of NO Faith?

Have You Memorized the 13 Articles of NO Faith?

If you don’t know who Hank Smith is, allow me to introduce him. He’s like a new age John Bytheway, and he has awesome stories and tells lots of parables to teens using the cell phone as the main character.

Hank Smith also teaches seminary at BYU and put together quite an interesting list based on his reading in Alma 30. He calls it the “Articles of NO Faith”, and it’s all based on Korihor’s false teachings.

Hank posted this interesting and relevant list on his Facebook page – see if you recognize any of these philosophies being taught in our day?

Here’s what Hank Smith had to say:

“In my Book of Mormon classes today we focused on Alma 30. President Benson taught that one of the purposes of the Book of Mormon is to “expose the enemies of Christ.” Korihor teaches what I call The Articles of No Faith. I thought I might share with you the list I created from reading the chapter.

1) We believe in making people who believe in God feel foolish.
2) We believe that believing in God is the effect of a frenzied mind (see #1).
3) We believe all pretended revelations are nothing but silly traditions (see #1 and #2).
4) We believe that religion binds people down. We want you to be free, but not free to believe of course.
5) We don’t believe in prophets so neither should anyone else.
6) We don’t believe that anything can be called “truth” or “right” or “wrong.” You get to decide what is true for you, right for you, and wrong for you.
7) We believe that religion binds you down and keeps you from enjoying life. If you don’t believe in sin it can’t cause you pain; just like if you don’t believe in fire it can’t burn you.
8) We believe religious people have been tricked into happiness.
9) We believe that church leaders sacrifice careers, retirement, and time with their family in order to have the power and wealth that comes from serving until they die.
10) We believe that no one can tell the future. And we believe Christ will never come… in the future.
11) We believe in scientific evidence, even though there is no evidence that God does not exist.
12) We believe in not telling people the backstory on why we spend so much time fighting religion.
13) We believe that there is no possible way that we are being controlled and manipulated by a “devil.” We believe that if Satan existed, he would tell us.

In the end we finished with this wonderful quote from Elder Neal A. Maxwell. Hope you liked the lesson!”

articles of no faith hank smith

Thanks for the awesome insight Hank Smith! It’s quite clear that Satan is still using many of the same tactics and philosophies that he has for thousands of years.  May we hold fast to the iron rod so that we can clearly distinguish between truth and error, and cling to the truth.


Donald Kingston

Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

Hi i would like ti know when ypu are giving another lesson.. i would like to bring my mother with me as well

Kathryn Wood

Thursday 18th of January 2018

This is perfect and so timely! We just had a family discussion about Korihor because my daughter has been sharing her beliefs with her atheist friend. I will be showing her this. Thanks for sharing!