President Nelson’s Message: There is a Place for You in This Church

russell m nelson

President Russell M. Nelson, who was recently set apart as the 17th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days, released the following statement, a day after being announced as the new prophet of the church.

“My dear friends, we are thankful for the prayers that have been offered for us. As I said yesterday, I declare my devotion to God our Eternal Father and to His Son, Jesus Christ. I know Them, love Them, and pledge to serve Them—and you—with every remaining breath of my life.

Now, whatever your concerns, whatever your challenges, I wish to assure you that there is a place for you in this, the Lord’s Church. Our Father in Heaven cherishes His children and wants each of us to return home to Him.

To women, I say: whatever your calling, whatever your circumstances, we need your impressions, your insights, and your inspiration. We need your strength!

To you who are young, please know that you were born for this time. You are a chosen generation, fore-determined by God to do a remarkable work—to help prepare the people of this world for the Second Coming of the Lord. We need your strength and faith.

To anyone who finds themselves in unideal circumstances, to anyone who is struggling with doubts or fears, to anyone who has stepped off the path, I invite you, with all the hope in my heart, to stay on the path. Together, we can walk the covenant path. We must look forward to the future with complete faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, whose Church this is.”

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  • BTW, I like you website Mormon light. Speaking of “light”, it is amazing that it hasn’t many different spectrums some of which (like truth) are not easily viewable or may be hidden in plain sight.

    Is there a place for you in “the church” if you disagree with the current views?

    Perhaps there is place if you keep silent, do not publicaly question nor share in class what you have learned, nor bear testimony that sounds different from the current narrative.

    What if the Book of Mormon has a completely different message that you have never been taught at church because after all they can “never lead you astray”.

    What if you believe that the “oathlike” sustaining (quoting Russel M Nelson) contradicts what Christ himself taught yet is essential if you want to be baptized, get a temple recommend, etc. What if the current views on Joseph Smith do not actually align with what history is revealing? Go read the Joseph Smith Papers Project and see what you discovery.

    What if you realize that “the church” has been under condemnation since 1832 and more importantly why? Is it ok to attribute things to Joseph Smith that he never said?

    Will we be healed accountable for not seeking truth nor asking God what the truth is? He himself is quoted saying he only had one wife and yet the current view is that he was a polygamist.

    Is it ok to lead people to astray? Is it ok to lead others to believe that you are the same type of leader as those of old who were ordained by God himself (quoting Joseph) but never testify that you have stood in Gods presence nor heard him speak to you? Joseph Smith did and so did prophets of old.

    If you begin to research you will start to discover that NONE of the 100+ offshots that claim Joseph as their “prophet” teach what he taught. Is it wrong to have faith in anything but Christ (a church, a group of men, etc)?

    Do we even understand the difference between the second coming and the second comforter?

    Are all these questions “missing the mark”? There are tons of questions like these out there…

  • my view is that the church if …members of it remain in the light of Christ shall have a glorious time with there GOD and will be given insight to many marvellous insights …all shall obtain this gift from the lord and indeed he’ as to say that at the current time the church is indeed striving to keep on track with the lord …is he with them in this endeavour indeed certainly no question .

  • When will the Saints of the latter-days step up and perform their duty to accomplish this prophecy?

    D&C 64
    38 For it shall come to pass that the inhabitants of Zion shall judge all things pertaining to Zion.
    39 And liars and hypocrites shall be proved by them, and they who are not apostles and prophets shall be known.

    I’m appalled at President Nelson endorsing evil and conspiring men in the medical establishment who are against people, according to their own understanding and God-given conscience, making use of certain well-proven and safe herbs, such as cannabis, to address chronic health ailments.

    Because of this, I consider that he should be scrutinized by the appropriate authorities, in accordance with “the programme” that Official Declaration 1 makes a reference to, and try him for his fitness to preside over the whole Church. He has gone contrary to the oracles of God in this action.

    The Word of Wisdom, found in Doctrine and Covenants section 89, expressly warns against evil and conspiring men of the last days in matters pertaining to health. It also advocates using the herbs that God has given us to address our ailments.

    President Nelson has this 100% turned around with the recent endorsement calculated to oppose the legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes! When he tells you he loves and serves Heavenly Father and that he knows Him, I consider him to be under strong delusion. If this were true, he would be advocating for the Saints in Utah to be free to use their own personal revelation and inspiration to keep the provisions of the Word of Wisdom.

  • I am grateful that he speaks against cannabis. I am a cancer survivor who could have but didnt use it… and someone who has seen the horrible effects of cannabis. If you’ve ever been high picture this- would you really want somebody in the car next to you driving while high? I know there’s medicinal cannabis and there’s pot. We’re not talking the same thing yet we are. Somethings are just not good for you. Until we have a better understanding of cannabis I support President Nelson because he is a doctor you are not. Too many people pretend this is word of wisdom appropriate. Again when research is thorough and not just a bunch of potheads with signatures which you know is true then maybe just maybe the first presidency will look at it differently. Until then I’m going to follow the prophet.

  • As a former president of a state eye surgeon’s association, I was interviewed on the radio on my thoughts and opinion of a new recreational marijuana law that passed in my former state a few years ago. My thoughts were two-edged. I stated that on one hand, I was opposed to any mind altering drug because of the danger in driving and operating heavy machinery, but on the other hand the new law was great for business as I have noticed a huge increase in cataracts among heavy pot smokers. Sure enough the year after it was legalized insurance claims shot up about 35% from an increase in motor vehicle “driving under the influence” collisions. Something the main-stream media will not report on.
    I say follow the prophet. Eye Surgeon, Professor at a major medical university in the Midwest.

  • Jason sorry to hear your negative thoughts on the Lords annointed President Nelson however i know without a doubt that he is the Lords mouth piece here on earth as God has said whether by my own voice or the voice of my servants “It is the same” and after all he was a heart surgeon and is qualified enough to say what he did

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  President Russell M. Nelson, who was recently set apart as the 17th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days, released the...
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