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LDS Artist Captures Stunning Photos in Portraits of Jesus Website

LDS Artist Captures Stunning Photos in Portraits of Jesus Website

portraits of jesus suzy oliveira

Here’s something we can all agree on…

Suzy Oliveira has started something pretty special – and as is often the case with amazing things, it wasn’t something she planned on doing.

The best part is, she’s going to be giving away some of her amazing work to Mormon Light readers, but let me tell you more about how Suzy was led to create something incredible.

Suzy is mom to an uber-talented singer and actress Reese Oliveira, and these two have created both uplifting Christian music videos (hosted here: Suzy Oliveira YouTube Channel) and some fun pop-style videos (hosted here: Reese Oliveira YouTube channel). (Reese’s latest video, a rendition of Little Drummer Boy is an absolute must watch.)

As part of the creative process, Reese’s mom, Suzy, knew that she wanted to create some artistic images of Jesus Christ specifically for the music videos.

portraits of jesus

Their first project that involved photography with depictions of Christ was a Christmas music video, “When Love Came Down” in December 2014.  Subsequently, a “Gethsemane” (written by Melanie and Roger Hoffman) video included images of Jesus Christ with children, his disciples, and Christ praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.

With each video shoot, Suzy was also capturing and collecting more of these magnificent images that were totally awe-inspiring.

The following spring they produced, “I Feel My Savior’s Love” (written by Newell Dayley), and “I Know That My Savior Loves Me” (written by Tami Creamer). The most recent Easter video features Christ with children of all abilities.

Here’s where Suzy’s plan for these photos pivoted from her original intent…

While the initial reason for these images was solely to use in conjunction with the release of Reese’s music videos, Suzy has been asked repeatedly  if these images are available in print. Thus began the idea for the Portraits of Jesus website. Suzy said the following about these precious images:

Hopefully these images will bring you comfort, calmness, and a hope that everything will be okay. There have been many times in my life where I’ve felt lost, confused, and very scared.

It is when I hear the voice of my daughter singing about the Savior when I feel a tiny window of peace. Hopefully these images can also convey that peace to your heart, too.

To see all of Suzy’s incredible prints on the Portraits of Jesus website, click the button below. These images will be a blessing to thousands  and will make become wonderful reminders around the home for family members, youth groups, and primary children, among countless others.

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