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Over 40 Missionaries Evacuated Due to California Fires, Several Members Lose Homes

Over 40 Missionaries Evacuated Due to California Fires, Several Members Lose Homes

The Church released the following statement on the Southern California Fires:

The impact of the fires in southern California on local communities has been severe and devastating. Two Church buildings in the area are being used as a temporary community centers, and we are in touch with relief partners to understand where the Church can be most helpful.

A few Church buildings have sustained minor smoke damage, but thus far none have been destroyed. Church members are safe and accounted for, but several have lost homes as a result of the fires.

Local Church leaders are assessing needs in the community and making plans to assist in local shelters and feeding locations this weekend. Evaluations are ongoing as first responders work to control the fires.

All missionaries in southern California are safe and accounted for as wildfires continue to burn. However, conditions have required the evacuation of some missionaries.

This includes 30 young missionaries and three senior couples in the California Ventura Mission and six missionaries in the California Arcadia Mission, all of whom have been temporarily moved to other proselyting areas. Additionally, the California Ventura Mission president and his wife have been evacuated from their home.

We pray for the first responders working tirelessly to fight the fires and for all those affected by this disaster.

Ben Arkell

Friday 14th of February 2020

The date is in the url, thanks!

Linda Wilke

Friday 14th of February 2020

Please put dates on your articles so we know if what we are reading is current. I have looked everywhere to find a date on this article, to no avail. Several other articles were the same way. Thank you.