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12-Year-Old LDS Musician Sings “Stand in the Light” in the Middle of Times Square

12-Year-Old LDS Musician Sings “Stand in the Light” in the Middle of Times Square

“This is who I am inside. This who I am, I’m not gonna hide.”

Hearing Lyza Bull, a 12-year-old LDS singer, project these words through Times Square as she was surrounded by people from all walks of life, was a perfect symbol of what the #LightTheWorld campaign is all about. It’s about sharing the light that we have with others.

Lyza’s mom Shaundee explained what being able to sing this song in New York City meant to Lyza, and how it felt as a parent to see this beautiful project come to fruition.

When Lyza first heard the song “Stand in the Light” on NBC’s The Voice sung by season 9 winner, Jordan Smith, she was obsessed with it! The powerful message of pushing your fears aside, standing in the “light” of goodness, and realizing who you truly are inside… struck a chord with our little 12 year old musician.

The icing on the cake (as a parent) was being able to watch Lyza sing about “believing in who you are, and who you were created to become”…in the middle of Times Square surrounded by hundreds of people (from all different walks of life) who gathered to be near her, and to feel of her light… is a memory we will never forget.

lyza bull stand in the light light the world

Lyza is quickly becoming a household name as an LDS YouTube artist. This is her fourth music video that she has released, teaming up with Masa Fukuda of the One Voice Children’s Choir who arranges the music, and Nick Sales who works magic handling all the videography and editing.

Lyza just received a 2017 Utah Music Award for Best New Artist Under 18. Lyza has had the opportunity to tour and sing in Japan, France, and at the White House for President Obama and the First Lady. Lyza loves to sing, dance, and act. She is a member of the One Voice Children’s Choir, studies dance at The Dance Club, and loves musical theater.

You can listen to Lyza’s full video on YouTube below.