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A Mormon Mission Explained in 30 Seconds

A Mormon Mission Explained in 30 Seconds

A mission in 30 Seconds ⏱ by Josh Howard.

When Mormon Missionaries say “They are on a mission”, what does that mean?
» This video briefly and quickly describes some of the rules we follow as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

••• We Also •••
// We wake up by 6:30am everyday.
// We leave our apartment to go out and share the gospel for 11 – 11.5 hours everyday.
// We Read from the Book of Mormon and Holy Bible daily.
// We do our best to Talk to Everyone we see!
// We invite people to learn, not push.
// We do our best to love everyone!

Please *STOP* the missionaries the next time you see them!
WE are here to HELP you, NOT hurt you!
It may be Awkward, but that’s Okay because We Embrace It!