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A Thankful Song for the Forgotten Holiday

A Thankful Song for the Forgotten Holiday

Shawna Edwards had been searching intently for a children’s song about the Thanksgiving holiday that actually talked about being thankful.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever searched for a good children’s song about giving thanks, but I have. I found songs about turkeys (#1 topic), other food items (a close second), pilgrims, and even scarecrows. And last but not least, a few about being thankful. (“When you’re thankful and you know it” to start with…)”, Shawna said.

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“Thanksgiving is about being thankful – not about turkeys or scarecrows – or shopping the Black Thursday sales.”

Shawna’s bio on her website states that she is a “Full-time wife and mother. Part-time songwriter. Disciple of Jesus Christ.”

“I write songs of faith for the people I love, and I never think anyone else will hear them. But they usually do. You’ve probably heard a few yourself.”

Some of Shawna’s more well know songs include “The Miracle” and “Do You Have Room”. When writing these and other songs, Shawna’s goal has always been to reach people of all faiths through music and also teach children correct principles and doctrine through music.

At times Shawna has felt that Thanksgiving is the “forgotten holiday.” With the help of Masa Fukuda and the One Voice Children’s Choir, she was able to create a beautiful music video that showcases her newest song, Thankful.

Shawna said that one of the greatest rewards of providing the world with such beautiful music is the opportunity she has to witness others perform her music. Hearing others perform her creation is a “payday for me”, she says.

Recently I found a Facebook video of someone singing one of Shawna’s more recognizable songs:

To find sheet music and other resources, you can visit Shawna Edwards’ website at this link > Shawna Edwards Website