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Mom Prays After Losing Wallet and Receives Answer That Will Leave You Smiling

Mom Prays After Losing Wallet and Receives Answer That Will Leave You Smiling

In my opinion, every answered prayer is a miracle.

A miracle is exactly what Melissa Larsen was hoping for after she realized she lost her wallet this week.

“Like an idiot I left my wallet on top of the van at the gym and took off. After a little while I realized what I did. 😡 I prayed for a miracle after driving all around looking for it.”

I’m sure we’ve all had a similar experience. The same thing happened to me when I was a teenager.

My dad bought me a $90 dollar pair of basketball shoes (a lot back then). I placed them on top of our van, and then drove off, never to see them again.

Melissa was hoping for a different outcome.

When she got home from the gym, to her surprise and elation she saw this note.


Melissa called the number and learned that the good samaritans searched their car for something to write a note on, but all they could find was a crumpled up coloring page.

What was on the coloring page? Well that’s the most interesting part of it all.

“I opened the piece of paper to find this honesty train on the back, no doubt from a child’s lesson on honesty!”


“So grateful for good honest people in the world and for bringing my wallet back to me!😃🙏🏻”

After Melissa thanked the family for their kindness and they shared a few words, the mom on the other end of the phone said,

“I’m glad we are showing our kids what it (honesty) really means. In a seemingly crumbling world, there still is some good.”

Now that you’ve read your feel good story for the day, go take a short ride on the Honesty Train.

H – Honor your word

O – Obey the law

N – Never cheat

E – Everyone’s property deserves respect

S – Stand for the right

T – Tell the truth

Y – You can be trusted

Thanks to these amazing moms and the important lessons they are teaching their families.