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Do You Have to Serve a Mission to Go to the Celestial Kingdom?

Do You Have to Serve a Mission to Go to the Celestial Kingdom?

It’s a powerful question: Do you need to serve a mission to go to the celestial kingdom?

For Brother Palmer, a seminary teach in Arizona, it was a question that came with an even more powerful answer.

On only a handful of occasions in his life had Brother Palmer recalled hearing a voice, but this was one of those times.

As a member of his seminary class posed the question, “Do you need to serve a mission to go to the celestial kingdom?”, Brother Palmer wanted to reply with a certain answer but didn’t.

do you have to serve a mormon mission to get in to heaven

Watch the video from Hi Five Live below to see what his response ended up being, but more importantly, watch to hear what the audible voice of the Spirit told him the true answer to the question was.


Wednesday 24th of July 2019

Please publish my name


Monday 22nd of July 2019

That will be judged by our savior.

Converts after mission age, don't hold accountable I believe. Those that are given much but won't give back, honor their Heavenly Father's will, might not be so willing to sacrifice the rest of their life, therefore no celestial kingdom.

Nephi J. Mormon

Saturday 24th of November 2018

Of course not. To suggest that entry in the Celestial Kingdom requires one to have served a mission is a childish and ridiculous concept that only one who does not have faith or understand the gospel would believe. President Monson himself did not serve a mission but do you think he would not go to the Celestial Kingdom? Entrance to the place where God the Father resides simply requires one to be pure of heart, to have repented of sins, and to accept Christ as their savior and to have not committed certain very serious/unforgivable sins such as murder or denying the Holy Ghost.

We came from the presence of God and most of us will return in some manner to that father that sent us here. Whether we gain the ultimate goal of eternal progression is also as simple as the previous mentioned requirements as well as being sealed to a mate which in most cases will not come until after death since most people have lived and died without a knowledge of the gospel but are still good people. That is why we have temple work so that the necessary ordinances can be performed by proxy for those who have passed out of mortality.

Our father has created a great and marvelous plan for his children to return home and inherit all that he is.


Tuesday 24th of October 2017

Yes I want to serve a mission but I want to ready first my self

Ben Arkell

Thursday 26th of October 2017

That is a great plan!