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This Ward in Hawaii Knows How to Make Visitors Feel Welcome

This Ward in Hawaii Knows How to Make Visitors Feel Welcome

These following two words are on the exterior of almost every church building The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints owns.


While these words are in print, sometimes once a visitor walks into the chapel, they feel anything but welcome.

Attending a new church can be a scary experience, and one ward in Hawaii is doing their part to extend a warm smile and a kind handshake to those who pass through their doors for the first time.

How does the Lihue Ward make their visitors feel welcome?

Hawaii-style of course, with these incredible leis.


Aloha! From Lihue Ward, Kauai/Hawaii Stake

John Dye snapped this picture of his son on a recent trip to Hawaii, and it wonderfully demonstrates the principle taught by Alma in the Book of Mormon:

by small and simple things are great things brought to pass

The Lihue Ward is well known for making people feel welcome, as can be seen in this comment from Dan Ulrich who attended earlier this year.


Another post references a farewell song that was sung to visitors at the end of church.

how to make visitors feel welcome

Thanks to the Lihue Ward for being great examples of people who reach out and make visitors feel welcome.

What ways does your ward make visitors feel at home? Have you seen other wards that you have visited go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable? Comment below with any experiences you’ve had.