Why We Need The Book of Mormon if We Already Have the Bible – Explained in 200 Seconds

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One of the first questions people have when they are introduced to the Book of Mormon for the first time is this, ‘Why do we need the Book of Mormon if we already have the Holy Bible?”

It’s a great question, and it’s one that flows from a false belief that because we have the words of the Bible that nothing more is needed.

book mormon

The prophet Nephi foresaw people’s reactions to the coming forth of the Book of Mormon over 2,300 years ago when he wrote:

“And because my words shall hiss forth—many of the Gentiles shall say: A Bible! A Bible! We have got a Bible, and there cannot be any more Bible.” – 2 Nephi 29:3

This perspective is understandable. For many, it comes from a need to defend the importance of the Bible, and there is a feeling that because members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have additional scripture, they perhaps don’t value the Bible.

The next time you encounter someone who sincerely wonders why the Book of Mormon is necessary, refer them to this brief video that includes a portion of Russell M. Nelson’s talk on the importance of the Book of Mormon and it’s role in teaching us about the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Elder Nelson does a wonderful job of showing examples of what Nephi meant when he said the following about how the Book of Mormon and the Holy Bible work together:

“…[they] shall grow together, unto the confounding of false doctrines and laying down of contentions, and establishing peace among the fruit of thy loins, and bringing them to the knowledge of their fathers in the latter days, and also to the knowledge of my covenants, saith the Lord.” – 2 Nephi 3:12


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  • What an incredible message from President Nelson regarding the Truthfulness of The Book of Mormon. How fortunate I was introduced to this Holy Writ of Scripture as a child. I remember vividly the experience I had when I received testimony of it’s truthfulness from the Holy Ghost after praying for a witness as instructed by the Prophet Moroni in Moroni 10:4. When a member of the Godhead touches your heart and reveals the truthfulness of anything, you can never deny it. And indeed, this is what happened to me. And it can happen to you. If you do not have a copy of this latter-day book of scripture, please secure one quickly and start feasting on the words contained therein. Put Moroni’s challenge to the test to see for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed if you ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, the truth will be manifest to you by the Holy Ghost. Try it, come see.

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One of the first questions people have when they are introduced to the Book of Mormon for the first time is this, ‘Why do...
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