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Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s Powerful Message to Those Who Aren’t Good Enough

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland’s Powerful Message to Those Who Aren’t Good Enough

I hear many who struggle with this issue: “I am just not good enough.” “I fall so far short.” “I will never measure up.” I hear this from teenagers. I hear it from missionaries. I hear it from new converts. I hear it from lifelong members.

I believe in God’s perfection, and I know we are His spiritual sons and daughters with divine potential to become as He is. I also know that as children of God we should not demean and vilify ourselves, as if beating up on ourselves is somehow going to make us the person God wants us to become in eternity. No!


With a willingness to repent and a desire for increased righteousness in our hearts, I would hope we could pursue personal improvement in a way that doesn’t include getting ulcers or bulimia, feeling depressed, or demolishing our self-esteem. That is not what the Lord wants for children or anyone else who honestly sings, “I’m trying to be like Jesus.”

I testify of that very Jesus, who Himself continued “from grace to grace” until He received in His immortality a perfect fulness of celestial glory. I testify that in this and every hour He is, with nail-scarred hands, extending to us that same grace, holding on to us and encouraging us until we are safely home in the embrace of Heavenly Parents.


Peggy and Andrew caudill

Friday 29th of June 2018

I really enjoyed reading this I feel like this every day of my life

Ben Arkell

Saturday 30th of June 2018

Well, you are a child of God and you have divine abilities. We believe in you!