An Open Letter to Al Carraway – Social Media Will Not Be Better Off Without You

al carraway

Al, earlier this week you shared some frustrations about how life on social media plays out. Sometimes it’s fake, unfair, and cruel – and it can most definitely take an emotional toll.

You expressed a desire to step away from social media altogether. But you just couldn’t. (If those who are reading want to know why, click here)

One of the things you have to deal with every day is being on the receiving end of so much negativity and hatred. My friend Mike had a great idea after reading your post on social media – he asked each of us to send positive notes to you.

al fox carraway

To combat all the negativity you are receiving, you need to be thanked more often for all the good you have done, are doing, and will continue to do in the future.

I decided to reach out to some other bloggers and friends and have them express their thanks to you for the role you have played in our lives as an example, mentor, and to many, a friend.

Hopefully this letter is proof to the world that love and kindness will always be more powerful than hate and criticism.

al fox carraway

We thank you for finding God, for changing when it was hard, and for choosing Christ when it meant being left behind by family and friends.

Al, thank your for coming to Utah when you weren’t sure why you should, and for not turning right back around and leaving when some dude in Cafe Rio said some really unkind words to you.

So Al, these notes below are an expression of our gratitude, our love, and our appreciation for all you have done to further the work of the Lord and reach hearts that most of us couldn’t.

I just wanted to thank your for sharing your light with the world. You are truly a good and genuine person and I have no doubt in my mind the divine mission that Heavenly Father has for you & you are fulfilling it every day. I’m grateful for the times I’ve been able to rub shoulders with you, talk to you and listen to your insights. Thank you, for being you and for continually shining you bright light of goodness!!
Love ya, Kim Chase /

First of all, I love your bubbly, fun spirit and your sense of perseverance. Recently, I shared one of your posts and a friend of mine who is a recent convert was so excited to learn about you. She’s in France, so you are influencing people for good all over the world. Keep it up!
Heather / LDS Youth Leadership   /Helping LDS Youth Leaders Teach the Youth to Lead

You are great. Working with you here at the Church is a pleasure. Your nuggets of wisdom and inspiration brighten many lives! You needs to clone yourself–this world needs more Al FCs!!
John Dye / Mormon Life Hacker

I really appreciate all that Al Fox has done to spread the gospel message. Her words have inspired and lifted me, and helped the spirit to impress upon me the love my Father in Heaven has for me. She is helping people feel the spirit, and to help them know that they are not alone, that God is watching over them, and loves them.
Mike Ballard /

Will you please let Al know that she has been chosen and prepared to live in this day, and given a special mission to help many people that would have otherwise not been reached.
Barbara / Via Greg Trimble

Never waste another moment allowing the negativity of others or the fear of rejection keep you from being the light on the hill that you were always meant to be.
Greg Trimble /

I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today if it wasn’t for Al. Her example has actually helped me make important decisions that have saved my career… twice.
Brent Borup /

Thank you for being the ‘cool’ voice of following the Gospel when Mom, Dad, and other Leaders aren’t.

al fox carraway

Grady Kerr / This Mormon Life

Thank you for using your gifts, talents, and testimony to inspire and be a light to the world. Your example of sharing, reflecting, and emulating the Savior’s love for others has influenced many and has truly changed the world. You’re awesome!
Kori Andrews / Hi Five Live

I’ve always looked up to you as someone who is truly authentic online. Because of that, you tend to be someone everyday people can relate to. We’re all stronger because of those we surround ourselves with and we are all surrounding and uplifting each other now! Keep on going!
Dustin Taylor /

You are amazing in all that you do.  I know it’s not easy sacrificing so much of your time and energy day in and day out and I wanted to say a quick thank you for the inspiration you are to others and to us.  Keep up the amazing work!
John Huntinghouse / LDSSmile

Thank you for your example, your love for the world, and the share goodness message that you spread online as well as off through not only words but also action. Your love for everyone you meet is incredible. You definitely serve one by one through your movement to bring goodness everywhere you go. I am constantly sharing your book with converts and investigators, as you and your story reflect who Christ would want us to be.
Ashley Romney / The Power of One Girl

I want you to know how much I look up to you. You are a fearless disciple of Jesus Christ who shows that enthusiasm and excitement can and should be part of our discipleship, you inspire me when I feel down to get back up and keep being a member missionary. Thank you!”
Jeremy Goff / MyLifeByGoGoGoff

al fox carraway

Al, I wanted to close this letter with something I heard recently from someone really amazing, and I feel it applies here:

Something that IS profoundly true is this: SOCIAL MEDIA WILL NOT BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU.

al carraway

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Al, earlier this week you shared some frustrations about how life on social media plays out. Sometimes it’s fake, unfair, and cruel – and...
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