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Missionary Recounts “Swaying Back and Forth” During Earthquake -“I Was So Scared.”

Missionary Recounts “Swaying Back and Forth” During Earthquake -“I Was So Scared.”

Carli Benton recently arrived in Mexico eager to learn everything she could while in the Missionary Training Center. She never anticipated she’d be learning what it felt like to be in a 7.1 earthquake.

“This was my first earthquake…and I was so scared. We were eating in the cafeteria…then we just start swaying. Like, not a fast loud rumble but almost like you have a headache and you’re legs feel like jello.

Everyone scoots out of the tables and gets up in a mad dash to the door. I actually grabbed my comps hand…I felt like I needed to protect her.”

A devotional held after the earthquake. All MTC Missionaries are safe.

Sister Benton’s family and friends were terribly concerned for her well being, and they were all incredibly relieved when they found out that she was unharmed.

“For everyone wondering about Carli Benton, she is safe!”

In a post by the Missionary Geek, Megan Benton’s update on Facebook was shared which included a portion of Hermana/Sister Benton’s weekly email documenting her surreal week.

“Walking down the front steps of the cafeteria I felt it the most, completely swaying back and forth. I was honestly so scared, my heart was going.”

“After we begin to laugh it off I noticed another district on praying…My district got down with me right there and I offered the prayer in spanglish, being grateful for our safety but to help those who lost friends, family, and their homes…”

Everyone is safe after the earthquake.

To read Sister Benton’s message in full, click on the image below.

mexico earthquake

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