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When It’s Crunch Time, You Can Count on Mormons to Step Up in a Big Way

When It’s Crunch Time, You Can Count on Mormons to Step Up in a Big Way

 – In the flood slammed west side neighborhood of Thornwood, where the term “apocalyptic” is no exaggeration, you will see plenty of yellow shirts and relentless, hard working bodies within them.

“There’s a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood when you go out and serve someone you don’t even know,” said Andrew Morford, a Spring Branch resident helping coordinate the relief effort for the Church of Latter-day Saints.

You see, when trouble strikes, Latter-day Saints run toward the heartache and never away from it. Here in Hurricane Harvey swamped Houston, church members have deployed in force – a virtual army of Mormons “gutting and mucking” for their deeply distressed fellow man.

“We have another at least 11,000 coming this weekend. We are going to be targeting many of these homes. It’s a race against time. Mold is fighting against us,” said Morford.

Read the rest of the story at Houston Fox 26 and watch their video of the efforts below.

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