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Houston Residents Say Mormons “Were the First Group I Saw” & “They’re a Godsend to Me”

Houston Residents Say Mormons “Were the First Group I Saw” & “They’re a Godsend to Me”

A short film by Kimber Crandall, a resident of Houston shows the devastation from Hurricane Harvey flooding, but also the overflowing of love and compassion that has been extended as neighbors are lifting each other up and serving to make sure everyone gets back on their feet.

“Even more impressive than Harvey’s historic rainfall totals is the heart of Houstonians – who have come out in huge numbers over the past week to help those who flooded clean out their homes.”

Kimber Crandall’s short film documents “the hope, light and love Mormon Helping Hands volunteers are delivering to devastated neighborhoods as they rip out floors, carry out appliances, and tear down sheet rock for friends, neighbors and strangers.”

One resident tells of her encounter with the missionaries and Mormon Helping Hands volunteers, and the lesson she learned from them:

Love God, love your neighbor. You have to obey God, and do it! Not just talking. That is the lesson I learned – and that really changed my life.

Volunteers are already coming from all over the country, including “Nurse Nancy” who also helped victims after Hurricane Katrina providing medical support to pediatric patients. She has been able to connect with many, including widows, in a way that no one else has been able to. Her secret? She tries to envision how she would like to be treated if she were in that situation, and said “our entryway is just with the love and compassion of the Savior.”

To read more inspirational stories about the Mormon Helping Hands efforts in Houston, click below.

de car

Monday 18th of September 2017

we been flooded here in utah lost all our belongings became very sick from black biotoxcins fungus, bacterials no one cared no one helped foced to evacuate come to an nother town worse. they treated us so badly said 'bishop give you a transist ticket out of town'. nieghbor ripped our garden out said'we self selficient in this town, going to run you out'. ths flooded too last spring. my brother a bishop back home, he not willing help we are disabled now sickness. we left w just shirts on our backs. bring tears i know personally what a heart ache this is. want to go home back to my friends some family wepay our tithing we are so willing to help anyone in need we are mormon. isolated no one checks on us no one help car breaks down walk my son a doctor kids are well off and the hole family is wealthythey congregate together my son had gone from rags to riches now part of the family. single parent and raising 3 kids, attending college recieving 3 BS from the UOFU does not mater. just ruined piece paper. these Lds people are far and in between now. They are angel's God sent, just a hug a pat on the back a glass of water brightens someone's life that has suffered such great loss i truly know

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