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Video of Home Missionaries Gutted in Houston Shows Immensity of Work

Video of Home Missionaries Gutted in Houston Shows Immensity of Work

The Mission President in the Texas Houston South Mission gave an updated on the work that missionaries are doing – along with a video tour that gives you an idea of that magnitude of the job that is before thousands of residents of Houston.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our wonderful missionaries tonight. They are all working long hard days and doing it with a smile. The people they’re serving are amazed at their goodness. They are all safe and well.

There are so many important service roles needed to take on this kind of clean up project. The logistics of where to go, providing tools, feeding and hydrating, and doing it day after day is no small task. My favorite unexpected service today was a local couple who grilled a bunch of hot dogs and drove up and down the street handing them out to hungry workers (Wiener Mobile). There are countless people like them that are doing whatever they can to bless and serve. In the last five days I’ve seen the best in humanity and its awe inspiring.”

Check out this video of President Uchtdorf as he arrived in Houston to help rally the volunteers and shared a message of hope.

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President Uchtdorf Visits with Mormon Helping Hands Volunteers in Houston
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