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LDS Singer Evie Clair Needs Our Votes to Advance on America’s Got Talent

LDS Singer Evie Clair Needs Our Votes to Advance on America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent posted a picture on Instagram this week, and guess who they spotlighted? That’s right, it’s 13-year-old Evie Clair from Arizona. Her live performance is on August 22nd, and there is a way that you can help her move on in the competition.

Evie’s mom Hillary explains how our votes can be cast to help keep her on the show:

“On August 22nd she is live in front of the world. You can vote 10 times in 3 different waysEach person could vote for Evie Clair 30 times and I need help getting the word out.” This graphic below will explain how you can vote.

agt evie clair

Evie Clair is working hard, not only on her upcoming performance, but also on her schoolwork. Evie’s mom snapped a picture of her day at school the other day:

“Evie had to go to school on set again today. We found out her teacher was also an on set teacher for the singer Birdy about 5 years ago. She also had some good rehearsals and did some other fun stuff for her set that is top secret.”

evie clair agt school

Make sure to tune in to America’s Got Talent on August 22nd and cast your vote for Evie Clair. Remember, you can vote in three different ways, 10 times on each platform. Let’s each cast those 30 votes for Evie! #30Votes4Evie


Saturday 9th of September 2017

Too bad this girl got the sympathy vote to advance when so many more talented acts went home. That is the power of the Mormon Church to take care of their own at the exclusion of others. I would know when I've been to your precious SLC three times in the last year but can't get hired because I'm not LDS. Nothing based on talent or fairness just church membership.