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Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy on Vacation is Hard

Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy on Vacation is Hard

Thanks to The Wilky Ways for their guest post.

Keeping the Sabbath Day holy on vacation is hard, right? ????

Well last weekend an amazing miracle happened because we kept it holy!

Last Saturday we experienced the beautiful blessings that come from keeping the Sabbath Day holy, even when on holiday.

Last Saturday, after having bought groceries in anticipation of the Sabbath Day, we found out that our next Airbnb (which would take us into Sunday) didn’t have a kitchen or any kitchenware. So, we rationalized that it would not only be ok, but necessary to eat out on the Sabbath Day. We had also planned to go to the beach after Church, because “hey, we were on holiday and we wanted to enjoy the beautiful beaches of California!”

Well, Saturday evening, whilst we were having dinner we read an article on the blog which talked about how to keep the Sabbath Day even when travelling and we decided as a family that somehow we would keep the Sabbath Day holy.

sabbath day

The next morning, full of faith, we knew that somehow the day would work out and that God would help us have a great day. We had to use little mugs to have our breakfast cereal in and we gathered all the snacks we had to make a meal plan.

We spent the morning before Church reading the scriptures with our boys, speaking with family via Facetime and getting ready for Church. We went to the entire 3 hour block of meetings and whilst we were at Church we found out that the ward was having a munch and mingle (linger longer) after Church! We felt so blessed as we were able to eat healthy, delicious food with new friends! God really did provide for us as we didn’t know there would be food after church.

We then spent the rest of the day playing together and enjoying a beautiful park in the sunshine thinking how blessed we were.

What turned out to be the least adequate Airbnb accommodation we could ever had had, turned out to be the biggest blessing we could have ever had. We learned that having faith really does produce miracles and bigger blessings than we could have ever imagined.

We learned a lot from that experience and we had the best Sabbath Day ever as a family.