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LDS Artist Unknowingly Creates New Anthem for Families

LDS Artist Unknowingly Creates New Anthem for Families

Jaeden Vaifanua is an LDS youth from Draper, Utah, who likes to sing and play basketball, and she loves her family.

She was recently asked to create a song for the 2017 LDS Youth album – and she nailed it. We’re sure she knew the song was good, but it’s REALLY good!

In fact, some might say she struck gold with her song about families – it’s so good that it might as well be called the “Anthem for Families”.

“In the video, “What Family Means to Me,” she sings about the importance of family, and some of the things they like to do together. She says family is more than an idea or a status, it’s about the memories you make with each other.”


“There are so many kinds of families, and whether you have a family with two parents, live in a single-parent home, or live with grandparents or people you aren’t even related to, family is different for everyone. As long as we are living the gospel, our families will last forever!”

After watching the video below, leave a comment and tell us what family means to you.

Lyrics for “What Family Means to Me”

What does family mean
Does it only need
A mom and Dad a couple kids
Sure that’s where it all begins, but
Wedding bands and mortgage loans
Aren’t what make a house a home
It’s so much more than just the basic things
It’s all that happens in between

Chorus 1:
Like road-trip driving til the break of dawn
Off-key singing to our favorite songs
Jumping and yelling cheering our favorite team
Grandma’s cooking and late-night games
Good advice and making mistakes
Then forgiving forgetting and loving through everything
That’s what family means to me

No matter what we do
We’re gonna make it through
Because it isn’t just a box to check
Or a status that we’re trying to get
In the stands or back at home
Family’s there to cheer us on
And it can last forever and a day
Along with all the memories made

Chorus 2:
Like front room movie nights and hand-me-downs
Dreaming bigger than our bank account
But knowing we’ll always have enough to make ends meet
Doctor visits from a double dare
Group hug laughing after family prayer
And knowing we’d never ever wanna change a thing
That’s what family means to me

It’s working hard
And giving up the things we want
For something more
Yeah, it’s so much more

Chorus 1

Ida Lopez

Sunday 13th of August 2017

Families means to me. That it will all work out!