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The Most Beautiful Primary Song You’ve NEVER Heard

The Most Beautiful Primary Song You’ve NEVER Heard

Is there anything more beautiful than watching primary children sing truth in a field when the sun is shining?

If so, let me know what it is.

Some talented musicians from One Voice Children’s Choir and the Mapleton LDS Stake teamed up to sing a new Primary song called, “I Will Be What I Believe”, written by Blake Gillette, an orthopedic surgeon in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Blake, an orthopedic surgeon by day, and now a music genius by night, wrote this song after his wife said to him one day, “Hey, you should write a Primary song.” Blake had written a few songs in high school and on his mission, so he decided to try and see if he could arrange a Primary song.

I Will Be What I Believe - Blake Gillette primary song

On his website, Blake explains how he came up with the idea for “I Will Be What I Believe”.

“I thought about my favorite stories of the Church: Joseph Smith, the pioneers, the stripling warriors, Nephi, and missionaries. I decided to roll them all up into one great song. At the time, I had also been studying one of my all-time favorite talks: “The Challenge to Become” by Dallin H. Oaks from the October 2000 general conference. He describes that the gospel isn’t about knowing something, but it is in fact about “becoming” something. Then, “I Will Be What I Believe” was born.”

Click for sheet music and CD

And we are truly glad that it all came together as it did. Check out this amazing video and share this beautiful song with someone who needs a pick me up, because it will definitely give them a spiritual boost. There is something special about these pure souls testifying of truth through song.

The sheet music and CD are available for purchase on Amazon:

This book and accompanying CD contain Blake Gillette’s new arrangements of familiar and well-loved Primary hymns. Featuring original arrangements such as “I Will Be What I Believe” (a mix of his original song, “I Will Be What I Believe,” and Janice Kapp Perry’s classic “Army of Helaman”), this music will become an instant favorite in your home.

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Amelia Dorosan

Friday 19th of May 2023

I love this music and has been my favorite.

Frank Hamilton

Monday 30th of January 2023

The image with the children's arms outstretched needs to be removed. It makes them look like photos I've seen of Hitler Youth. I've seen this point made elsewhere.

Roetta Jones

Wednesday 11th of November 2020

I recently spent over a month in the hospital due to an anyurism in my brain.toward the end my daughter sent me a video of her children singing this song. As I listened esp the “I will plead with my Father on my knees” knowing they were praying for me and seeing in my minds eye my grandchildren kneeling and praying for me I knew the Lord would hear and answer their prayers and I felt great peace that I will recover well and be able to serve them longer. I already loved the song from learning it when I was teaching Primary. I love Primary songs as they boost my faith ! Thank you for this one I really needed it.


Wednesday 19th of February 2020

I just played this song for 4 angelic voices at a child’s baptism. It is a truly amazing and beautiful song.

Ben Arkell

Friday 21st of February 2020

Awesome, so neat!

Thursday 4th of January 2018

@Dzavy - questions come from all around. Friends, television, different opinions,etc... The gospel is one of answers and peace but we have been told to not blindly follow, but rather seek and find out answers for ourselves. Children and adults both have to address questions as they arise. I myself, a life-long member of the church, found myself with many questions earlier this year that were potentially harmful to my testimony, but this song inspired me to hold on to my faith, and seek for answers through the right channels. I turned to conference talks and the scriptures. I turned my questions to the Lord through fasting and prayer. This song was part of a conversion process for me this summer....and it was that very line "With questions that arise everyday" that validated me in seeking to know more. For me and my family, for investigators of the church, for anyone who wants to draw near to the Savior, I welcome the questions because they are part of seeking truth.