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5 Tips for Using the Gospel Library App

5 Tips for Using the Gospel Library App

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has provided wonderful technological resources that allow for personal and spiritual development.

The Gospel Library app brings together scriptures, general conference talks, magazines, hymns, videos, lesson manuals, and more to help you nourish your spirit and find answers to your questions.”

While many have access to these resources, some are not taking full advantage of what the Gospel Library App can do.

Al Fox Carraway got together with Todd, one of the designers of the Gospel Library App, to talk about 5 tips for taking advantage of all the wonderful features that the app provides.

gospel library app

What is your favorite way to use the app?

Below are the times when each tip starts in the YouTube video:

1. Settings 0:22  – changing app color & text size.
2. Toolbar 1:17  – select, highlight styles, delete, define, search, tags.
3. Bookmarks 4:24 – creating, naming, changing, deleting, multiple.
4. Sidebar 5:36 – tapping links & footnotes without changing screens, knowing what’s ‘tappable’.
5. Search 7:36 – the easiest way to find scriptures without going back & back & back to ‘books’ & lose your spot.

Any app questions, send to:, although feedback or problems are *best when reported through the app itself.

Oak Norton

Saturday 8th of February 2020

The Gospel Library app is awesome for reading the scriptures and accessing a big library of church content, but there's a new app you can check out which has more powerful search features and an interface that lets you open up content side-by-side. Check out