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When You Stand Before the Savior

When You Stand Before the Savior

Elder Nelson shared the following on a Facebook post:

“In a coming day, you will present yourself before the Savior. You will be overwhelmed to the point of tears to be in His holy presence. You will struggle to find words to thank Him for paying for your sins, for forgiving you of any unkindness toward others, for healing you from the injuries and injustices of this life.

You will thank Him for strengthening you to do the impossible, for turning your weaknesses into strengths, and for making it possible for you to live with Him and your family forever. His identity, His Atonement, and His attributes will become personal and real to you.

But you don’t have to wait until then. Choose to be one of His true disciples now. Be one who truly loves Him, who truly wants to serve and lead as He did.”

Elder Nelson recently took on the project of purchasing a new set of scriptures and he planned to do the following:

  • Study everything Jesus said and did as recorded in the Old Testament.
  • Study His laws as recorded in the New Testament.
  • Study His doctrine as recorded in the Book of Mormon.
  • Study His words as recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants.

After spending 6 weeks studying this way, Elder Nelson said the following:

I have devoted much of my 92 years to learning about the Savior, but rare are the occasions when I have been able to learn as much as I did over this six-week study period.

Surely some of the things he learned shone through as he shared his most recent thoughts about standing before the Savior.

Painting by Brent Borup

Watch this incredibly moving video about the life of Jesus Christ.

Lindy J Taylor

Tuesday 15th of January 2019

Beautiful message! Thank you for sharing!!

You may wish to find another logo, though. ;-) in light of the injunction to use the full name of the church.


Sunday 16th of December 2018

On what day did he post this? I’d like to find the post.


Sunday 2nd of December 2018

This is awesome

Ben Arkell

Wednesday 5th of December 2018

Thank you! So grateful for our prophet!