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How LDS Missionary’s Prayer of Faith Brought Rain to Sierra Leone

How LDS Missionary’s Prayer of Faith Brought Rain to Sierra Leone

Water shortages in Africa are a common thing. For Elder Grabau, one drought in particular helped him develop a knowledge that God watches over all, but that He expects us to ask in faith and look to Him for solutions.

While serving in the area of Freetown, the largest city in Sierra Leone, the main water line from the reservoir to the city broke. That meant no water. To make matters worse, there had been no rain for a long period of time, so their backup water supply, five gallon jugs that would catch rain water from the roof, was also unavailable.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Having just participated in a service project the day before, Elder Grabau and his companion awoke sweaty and dirty, making it hard to go through personal study the next morning, as they were saving the limited amount of water they had for drinking only.

As Elder Grabau was reading his scriptures and worrying about their water situation, the Spirit powerfully came into his mind and whispered, “Why haven’t you prayed for water?”

What happens next will show you the importance of asking in faith, and it will teach you that God is aware of all of our needs, wherever we may be. Click the video below to hear Elder Grabau tell the story of this miracle in his own words.