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Best Friends Waiting for Mission Calls Create “Missionary Musical”

Best Friends Waiting for Mission Calls Create “Missionary Musical”

Casie Jill Bearden and Lily Graham have lots in common. They are best friends, they are musically talented, and they were both waiting for a mission call.

“Lily and I put in our papers together, and we were seriously dying waiting for them!”

These two friends decided to create a video that would portray the way they felt, and hopefully help others who might be feeling something similar.

missionary video sister missionaries musical

“We actually got the idea from those long days of waiting for our calls to come, that’s when we wrote the lyrics. So basically everything in that video was based on real events. (Although maybe a few were exaggerated ;)) Making this video seemed the best way to portray how we felt, and we thought that many would relate!”
You can watch the incredibly entertaining musical these friends put together below.

Sister Bearden reports the MTC on July 17th to serve in the Brazil Maceió Mission and Sister Graham reports on August 2nd to serve in the Manchester England mission. Best of luck to these amazing Sisters!