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This Mom Receives a Missionary Surprise That Brings Her to Tears

This Mom Receives a Missionary Surprise That Brings Her to Tears

mission call opening lds mormon

Lots of people knew that Ele Allgaier was preparing to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – everyone except her mother and siblings that is. With the help of her father, Ele prepared for her mission, submitted her papers, and received her mission call –  all without ever mentioning a thing to her mother or her brothers.

Ele came home from college for the weekend and decided to throw a party to surprise her family with the big news. She invited her friends and family. Most of her friends new that she was had received a mission call, but those who came to the party that didn’t know were told that their would be a BIG surprise. She also broke the news to her brothers that morning that she was going to surprise mom with the big news.

mission call opening lds mormon

Ele’s dad had arranged a little decoy, and arrived with his wife to the surprise party to find Ele home from college for the weekend. In the video, Ele’s mom is ecstatic when she sees that Ele is home, but little did she know this wasn’t the biggest surprise of the day. Ele then told her mother to close her eyes, as she led her into the family room where she sat on the couch, unknowingly being surrounded by dozens of friends and family members.

Ele’s friend McKay Kriser was recording footage of the special day and we’ve included the video below. To see where the real action begins, you can jump to the 1:32 mark of the video where Ele is waiting by the door to surprise her mom.

We love our missionaries, and we especially love watching them open their mission calls. There is an overwhelming power of the Spirit that is present. Good luck to Sister Allgaier who will be serving in the Florida Jacksonville Mission.

Did you hear about the Arizona teen who, with the help of a foreign exchange student also surprised his family with a mission call? Click the image below to see that incredible video. (or click here >

surprise mission call

Or how about the triplets in Scotland who opened their call on the same day? And this video is even more incredible because of their awesome Scottish accents. You can click the image below or see the video here >

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