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Dads Who Stay and Fight – An Instruction Manual for Fathers

Dads Who Stay and Fight – An Instruction Manual for Fathers


Have you ever heard someone say that fatherhood doesn’t come with an instruction manual?

I have too.

Well, now you can refer people to Greg Trimble’s book Dads Who Stay and Fight. It is full of memorable stories and practical advice that will show you how to be a better father. Greg is a very successful businessman, an amazing blogger, a great baseball player, and a super cool dad.

greg trimble

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book and Greg was kind enough to let me ask him a few question. Here are a few things I was able to ask Greg about:

Ben: I wondered if you could tell me more about your dad. You mention him in the book, but what are you favorite memories you have of your dad?
Greg: My favorite memories of my dad are playing sports with him and seeing the abundant charity that he has in his heart. It seems like almost anywhere we went, he’d find someone to help. He has a soft spot in his heart for anyone that is less fortunate then himself.
Ben: What led you to write this book? I’m sure you had a few things that pushed you in this direction.
Greg: The thing that led me to write this book is the same thing that drove me to write my blog and the same thing that drove the Book of Mormon prophets to write what we have now as the scriptures. “That our children may know.” We need boys to grow up and have a desire to get married, be a good husband, be a good dad, and then be faithful to the end. That type of man seems to be vanishing in these last days and “mens hearts are failing them.” I wanted to do my part to help save the family unit.
Ben: What do you think is your greatest characteristic as a father? How about the one you need to work on the most?
Greg: I think my best characteristic as a father is my constant desire to learn, grow, and then pass it on. There are lots of men that don’t want to take advice or learn from anyone. My worst characteristic is probably patience. I’ve never been a patient person, and am getting better at it over time.

While this book is written with dads in mind, anyone who takes the time will be blessed and uplifted by reading it. I took a few hours to read the book and as I read the various stories that helped shape the principles Greg shares in the book, my mind was filled with simple ideas I could implement with my family. I decided that day to take those steps and be a better father for my children. They need me to be that better dad.

I didn’t finish this book feeling like a failure as a dad – what I felt was that with a few minor course corrections I could be everything my wife and children need me to be.

Here are a few things that others are saying about the book:

I have to admit, the thought of becoming a dad terrifies me, and for good reason – It’s a BIG step in life. With the prospect of having kids closely over the horizon, I picked up Greg’s book to see if it could somehow warm me up to the idea and prepare me for what’s to come. While I still think nothing can quite prepare you for fatherhood, Greg’s book definitely helped me get a glimpse of how rewarding it can be to be a dad. It effectively conveys the purpose behind being a dad and what men were put on this earth to provide and accomplish for the people they love the most. – Chris

If there was ever a Dad’s Manual–THIS IS IT! I read it in one sitting & was so moved. It made me laugh, made me cry, & made me ponder. After finishing this book I evaluated some of the ways I parent (as a Mom) & helped me to discover better ways to be an even better Mom. In this life the most important thing to master is our relationships with others-what a GREAT book to help us learn how to do that! – Christina

If you want your family to look back one day and see you as their hero, then read and study this book. It has 2-3 page chapters that are easy and enjoyable to read. It covers love, discipline, teaching to work, building trust, and just about everything you need to know about being a great Dad and Husband your wife and kids will love, respect, and admire. – Bruce