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Family History Got Game Thanks to BYUtv’s Relative Race

Family History Got Game Thanks to BYUtv’s Relative Race

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Gone are the days of family history being just an old person’s hobby. Thanks to Relative Race, it’s now a fast-paced, competitive reality TV show on BYUtv pinning four couples against each other in the ultimate combination of strategy, stealth, and a quest to be united with loved ones people never knew existed.

An original BYUtv series, Relative Race is in it’s second season and is taking it’s viewers on an emotional roller-coater every week. With their own DNA as a roadmap, and $50,000 on the line, four couples must race coast-to-coast and discover a different relative every day.

The couples compete in a series of challenges, each team given an allotted time in which to finish, depending on how far they need to travel. They have no access to internet, and are only allowed to use physical maps or directions from strangers, which at times can lead them way off course.

At the end of the day, the teams times are recorded and the last place team each week receives a strike. If a team receives three strikes they are sent home.

relative race

We watched Episode 3 of Season 2 with my kids for Family Home Evening this past week, and they loved it! I had already seen the first two episodes without them and was excited to see what happened next! The following day my daughter subtlety mentioned over dinner, “Man, I can’t stop thinking about Relative Race, I really wish we could watch the first two episodes.”

The true hook for us has been learning about each team member and the struggles they’ve on through with family and their quest to find closure and put together missing pieces of the puzzle. It’s definitely a program that you’ll want to watch with a box of tissues on hand. To find out more about the teams, click here > TEAM PROFILES

Relative Race airs on Sunday nights at 7PM MST and can be viewed on BYUtv. You can see the promo of season two below.

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Kelsey McManis

Saturday 25th of March 2017

How does a single guy get on the show?