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11-year-old Lyza Bull Sings Powerful Rendition of “I Know That My Redeemer Lives”

11-year-old Lyza Bull Sings Powerful Rendition of “I Know That My Redeemer Lives”

Another YouTube star has been born. Lyza Bull, an 11-year-old Soprano for the One Voice Children’s Choir, will blow you away as she sings an angelic and powerful version of “I Know That My Redeemer Lives”, arranged and produced by Masa Fukuda.

“Lyza has most recently been featured as the soloist in BYU Vocal Points “One Single Bell” Christmas Video, as well as the upcoming 2016 BYUtv Christmas Special. Lyza sings Soprano for the One Voice Children’s Choir, under the direction of Masa Fukuda.

Joining Lyza in this video are some of her friends from One Voice Children’s Choir, along with her brother and her little 4-year-old sister.”

In the description of the YouTube video we learn more about Lyza:

“Lyza is a little blonde 11 year old girl, who has loved to sing since she could even talk. Two things everyone who meets Lyza notices right off the bat…her bright blonde hair, and the fact that she is constantly singing. She has even been known to get shushed by her siblings multiple times a day.

Well, on a calm fall afternoon, a few weeks ago, we ventured up to the most beautiful, peaceful, and sacred mountainside meadow we have ever been to. The leaves were vibrant, the air was warm, and the spirit was tangible. We had cars full of children, parents, our amazing music director Masa Fukuda, friends, family, the indescribably talented Nick Sales, and our little Lyza! And what transpired for the next few hours is now forever document on this beautiful video, I Know That My Redeemer Lives.


I wish I could personally sit down with each of you and share all the beautiful miracles that took place in getting this video made. From the arrangement of the music by the master musician Masa , to being literally led to find our videographer Nick, and the dozens of other miracles in between.

lyza bull

But I will tell you, that from the beginning we all felt like this video needed to be made for someone specific. We don’t even know who this person is, but we felt that it was for someone who needed to know and remember they are loved. They are important and that they have a Savior who knows them. So if this video was made for just that one person…we couldn’t be happier. If it was made for more than one person…even better.

Some people believe that Heavenly Father is in the details of our lives…I don’t believe it, I KNOW it. As you watch this video, hear the words of the song, and see these angelic children on your screen… I hope you remember how you feel. God is in the details of our lives. You are loved, You are important, You have a Redeemer who knows your name. He is in the details.”

We have a feeling we’ll be hearing a great deal from Lyza Bull in the future! Make sure to subscribe to her channel >> HERE.