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2017 LDS Mutual Theme Music Video – “I Ask in Faith”

2017 LDS Mutual Theme Music Video – “I Ask in Faith”

ask in faith

“I Ask in Faith” was written by Angie Killian for the 2017 LDS Youth Theme, but writing a song for the youth was nothing some she had planned. “Most of the music I write is meant for children. I never intended to write a youth song this year, but sometimes the Lord has a different plan. As I sat down at the piano, my fingers spelled out the first four notes, and in my head, I heard, “I Ask in Faith.” I had no idea where the song was going to go, but I knew what the song was about and the audience it was intended for; this was going to be a song for the 2017 youth theme, and it was going to be amazing.”

Angie felt the guiding hand of the Lord in this process, and she details six miracles that she saw as this video came together. You can read about those > HERE.

Layla Mackey (age 13) contributed her amazing voice and was joined by five other girls from the Salt Lake/Utah County areas, including 14-year-old Sara Arkell (The Piano Gal.) Please enjoy this video, and then share this amazing music with your families, neighbors, wards, youth groups, and friends. You can find the sheet music on Angie Killian’s music site HERE as well as the MP3 of the song > HERE