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Jon Schmidt’s Family Believes They’ve Found Remains of Annie

Jon Schmidt’s Family Believes They’ve Found Remains of Annie

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Jon Schmidt released the following post on his Facebook profile today, with new information about the possible remains of his daugther Annie being found:

We are VERY hopeful for closure tonight. Today the dog teams found human remains at the bottom of a cliff in the area below Munra Point. The area is so far off trail and dense with vegetation that it required SAR to pretty much crawl uphill to get there.

Conclusive identification of the remains is impossible. The medical examiner will have conclusive identity verification by Monday or Tuesday. There is comfort in knowing from the circumstances that there would have been no suffering. We can positively identify the clothing and personal items found at the site as belonging to Annie.

The Sheriff’s department is making a public statement that there is reason to believe that Annie has been found, awaiting conclusive evidence from the medical examination. We wanted each and every one of you who are special beyond words to us to hear it first.

There is no way to thank our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ for the support we have felt through you. You have searched with us, prayed with us, hoped with us, fasted with us, supported us and sacrificed for us. We thank you from the very bottom of our hearts!!!!

Much much love! The Schmidts

This news comes one week after the Schmidt’s asked for people to join them in a fast to help find Annie and bring them peace in knowing that she was with her Heavenly Father. Our heartfelt condolences are with the family at this time. May God bless them with that which they need during this difficult time.

Lynn Whipp

Saturday 12th of November 2016

Our family stands with you in love and continued prayers for confort at this time. You are a beautiful example of Christ in this and all who heard your call to pray and search. Especially those who pursued this to the end to help bring you some of the closure you needed. Piano Guys we hope to love on you all again at Britt Festivals.