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Maddie Wilson Releases New Single “Love Like Theirs” As Tribute To Lasting Love

Maddie Wilson is a rising country music performer, songwriter and YouTuber whose faith and message is as important to her as her music. Maddie recently wrote “Love Like Theirs” for her parents’ 27th wedding anniversary. The song is a young woman’s prayer for the “Man Upstairs” to send her a love like that of her parents (Yes, those are her real parents and family in the video below). Naturally, when she first performed it for her parents neither could contain their emotions.

Maddie has performed the song live (without crying) several times, but just a few weeks ago Maddie herself got engaged to Jake Stephens. Later, the same day, she flew from her Utah home to Wyoming for a performance. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house during that show.


maddie wilson


“Love Like Theirs” is a beautiful musical tribute to lasting love and to Maddie’s parents, Susan and Mike Wilson. The song strikes a chord so sincerely longed for in a world of fleeting and superficial love and commitment. “Love Like Theirs” speaks to the yearning we all have to find someone who will stay with us through thick and thin, the good and bad, relying on love and faith to get us through all of life’s storms together.

Latest Update – Love Like Theirs is Top 15 on the Top New Country Charts and 149 overall.


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