After Discontinuing Search for Annie Schmidt, The Piano Guys Declare “All Is Not Lost”

annie schmidt

The Piano Guys released the followed statement on their website after discontinuing the search for the missing Annie Schmidt, daughter of Jon Schmidt:

Our “Uncharted” album is scheduled for release this Friday. We had planned so many things leading up to its debut — including our Petra Indiana Jones video, but it all seemed so insignificant relative to what has happened with Annie.

We’ve been so touched by the outpouring of love and support from everyone — the countless prayers, the social media sharing, the hundreds of volunteers at the rescue site, food donated by local vendors — the unselfish sacrifice of so many on behalf of Jon and his family. People are good. So good. As tragic as these events are, they prove that despite how the media and politics paint our world, the color of love and the human heart shine through everlastingly more vivid. No one should be a stranger when in dire need. We are all family.

We wish we had better news. We were not able to find Annie. The search is being discontinued at this time in consideration of the health and well-being of everyone involved.

annie schmidt

But all is not lost. Annie’s Mother, Michelle, wrote a beautiful post that we’d like to share. It summarizes all our feelings as we leave the search site.

“I desire for everyone to know, who has exercised their faith in behalf of our family, your faith has not gone unanswered. We have been literally carried and sustained through day after day. We have felt a calm and a peace beyond ourselves that have enabled us to get up each morning and function and do what needs to be done that day to continue our efforts to find our daughter. We know that this is a result of your prayers. Thank you (times a million).

We have been unable to find our sweet daughter’s body at this time. But these things we know. We know that Heavenly Father has heard the countless prayers and combined faith exercised by people literally all over the world. We know He has heard us, and if He choses to not show us where to find her, then we trust that there is a purpose in this. We know we are in His hands. We know He loves us and everyone who has reached out in such kindness and support. We can feel peace in putting our lives in His hands and pray that His purposes will be fulfilled in this whole experience.”

Michelle’s optimism and faith is what our music and videos are all about. Our recent projects, “Fight Song / Amazing Grace,” and “It’s Gonna Be Okay” have now taken on an even deeper meaning for us. We hope and pray to be emboldened in continuing to create content meant to further spread this kind of optimism and faith.

Please keep sharing these posts in hopes that someone is still out there with information that could lead us to Annie.

To leave a message for the Schmidt family, you can add a comment on the bottom of their page >

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  • Your faith is such a strength to all of us with the trial you have and will go through with this. Our Father in Heaven has showered you with great strength and courage and may you continue to be comforted.

  • AmazING strength and trust in our Heavenly Father. Thank you for blessing all who read this. May you be blessed with further peace and a guidance.

  • So very very sorry for your family. Like so so many others please know you are all in our prayers. May God always be with you and may you find peace and comfort in your lives.

  • I know that Heavenly Father is mindful of you and he is watching over you and your daughter. May you and your family be blessed and that Annie be found.

  • Thank you for your strength, unity, love and faith. May you all be lifted up on eagle wings and blanketed with peace. Of course you know that your sweet Annie is safe in the arms of the Savior.

  • My heart hurts for your beautiful family! I pray for you to continue to be carried and strengthened! Keep the faith and know that the atonement of Jesus Christ truly enables us to do whatever we are called upon to endure.

  • I am saddened as I have learned about Annie and followed the posts of your search efforts. I am saddened that you have not been able to find her, but I am grateful for you sharing your faith, and your positive attitudes. I have seen Jon and Steve many times in concert and love the Piano Guys. Thank you for sharing your testimony and your faith with the world.

  • I have followed the Piano Guys since I first heard them. I am so sorry for what you are going through. Thank you for sharing your testimony and your faith. I pray that our Heavenly Father will comfort you and give you peace. I have shared your story on social media and have been praying for a miracle for your family. God bless and keep you. Thank you for keeping us posted. Much love Sherelyn.

  • I have no words but tears. My family sends kind thoughts and prayers for Annie and your family. Love from the McGuires.

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The Piano Guys released the followed statement on their website after discontinuing the search for the missing Annie Schmidt, daughter of Jon Schmidt: Our...
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