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5 Incredible Role Models For Our Young Women

5 Incredible Role Models For Our Young Women

A famous musician once said, “I’m not a role model. I’m a role villain.” While many of our young people’s role models might never say this, we perhaps wonder if they realize the great influence they have on the rising generation. As a parent, one is prone to worry who their children look up to and admire. Who do you want your daughters to follow?

A lot of amazing women came to mind, and I thought I would list a few. If you don’t know who they are, learn more about them and make sure your daughters learn who they are – because I promise that if they look to these outstanding examples, they will be walking down a bright path.

5 Incredible Role Models For Young Women

1. Nadia Khristean:

nadia khristean

Nadia is an amazing musician and a dynamic personality whose goal is to seek out life’s problems and find solutions. She has been blessed with many talents, and one of those is music. said of her, “Nadia Khristean is an interesting person and a person of great interest. She is a multi-talented individual in many areas. She is a Mormon motivational singer/songwriter, a public speaker, co-founder of the Daddy Come Home Foundation, and an interior designer. She is also passionate about writing music for causes such as songs for families of fallen soldiers, anti-bullying, women and inner beauty, addiction recovery, and abuse.”

Nadia is a powerful example of a daughter of God who is looking to reach out to the one, but in this attempt, touches the lives of countless individuals. She just released a music video called Hit Undo where she tackles the topic of addiction and offers hope to those who have been trapped in the grips of bad decisions. She offers hope that at any point one can change through Jesus Christ.

Make sure to check out Hit Undo and other incredible YouTube music videos on her channel. “I hope to lift someone, even if it’s just one person, to look a little higher and realize that there’s still something better ahead.”

2. Ashley Sargeant:

ashley sargeant

A post on Ashley’s Facebook profile reads, “My name is Ashley Sargeant and I am a powerful influence for the cause of Jesus Christ. I was born to bring souls unto HIM.” Need I say more? I probably don’t, but I will. Ashley is an amazing person who has taken her unique trials and used them as motivation to improve the lives of people suffering from depression and other mental illnesses. She created the website and slogan “DON’T STOP, SARGEANT” to provide support for early returned missionaries. Ashley has a great appreciation for the LDS 12 Step Addiction Recovery Program as well, and wrote a wonderful post about her recent experience at one of the program’s firesides.

This #IAMSTIGMAFREE music video is a symbolic and artistic expression of her message as she joins with fighters of mental illness who are seeking to break free from the negative stigmas.

Ashley has a contagious smile and enthusiasm that will leave you motivated to discover what way you can be a force for good in the world. Due to mental health issues, Ashley had to return early from her LDS mission to Brazil a few years ago. Recently though, she decided that she is going to return to Brazil and “finish what she started”, this time as a volunteer just seeking out ways to serve and bless the people of Brazil. Is that awesome or what? I’ll let Ashley leave you with some more words of inspiration: “Be an ENTHUSIAST!! Whatever you are and whatever you do, 100% commit!! Charge full speed towards what you really want!!”


3. Ashley Frederickson

ashley frederickson


Ashley has created a “powerful community to teach LDS girls that they have the power to be a positive light in this darkened world. It just takes one action, one word, one prayer, and one act of courage to be a powerful example in the world.” She created “The Power of One Girl” community, and what does she want every girl to know? THIS!!! >> “Dear beautiful girl, yes YOU! The power lies within to create change in this world and it must begin with YOU!” Who doesn’t want their daughter believing the same beautiful truth? I know I do! 

Ashley gives daily challenges to help empower girls with strong self esteem and confidence. She understands the important role that service has in the life of a daughter of God, and she teaches girls that they have the power to inspire others through their example. Why did Ashley decide to start “The Power of One Girl”? Follow the link to the video below to find out >> What Motivated Ashley to Use Her Power

ashley frederickson


4. Aleah Rochelle Ingram

aleah ingram


Aleah Ingram is amazing writer, marketer, and activist who has overcome significant personal challenges, but instead of hiding that fact, has opened up about her struggles. Like many of these exceptional women, she has used her trials to create a forum where she can offer support and love to people in similar situations. At the age of 25, Aleah was diagnosed with severe clinical depression. She created a website called The Depression Dictionary  that is dedicated to “exploring how mental illness can personally impact a life.” It contains poetry and prose relaying personal stories and what lessons Aleah has learned thus far on her journey.

After sharing a poem that she penned called “Garden”Aleah shared the following words:

“This was the last poem I would ever write, I was sure of it. It was penned with bright purple ink and rage. The words spilled out of me faster than I could comprehend them. When it was done, I thought it was a poem from the other side and from deep inside. My soul was trying to tell me something; heaven’t wasn’t just trying to whisper to me. It was using this poem as an urgent plea.”

In addition to being an amazingly powerful writer, Aleah tackles the role of Marketing Manager for LDS Bookstore and Site Manager for where she has played an integral role in LDS Bookstore becoming recognized annually as one of Utah’s fastest growing companies. But even in these responsibilities, Aleah has a higher focus. She recently shared, “before I go to work each day, I say a prayer that the things I write for can have a positive impact and that I can be a tool in God’s hands through my career.”


5. Madilyn Paige

madilyn paige


You may recognize Madilyn Paige from her appearance on Season 6 of NBC’s The Voice where she cracked the top 20 and wowed the audience with her rendition of Titanium. If not, you might have seen her at a Time Out For Girls event, as she travels the country performing for youth and sharing her story of finding her place as a teenager in a rough world. Madilyn’s original song Irreplaceable has struck a chord with many youth seeking to fit in in a world that makes it hard to do so. Part of the lyrics to Irreplaceable read,

“When I find I’m all alone, I got to tell myself I’m Irreplaceable.”

I’ve had the chance to get to know Madilyn and her family and it’s amazing to see how Madilyn interacts with everyone – from young girls to adults. She treats everyone with respect and kindness, no matter who they are. When I think of Madilyn, the following quote by Malcom S. Forbes comes to mind,

You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.

No matter who you are, Madilyn will love you and treat you with kindness. My daughter recently had a performance, and as a father I felt it my duty to impart some advice to her. All I said was this, “Treat people like Madilyn would treat them.” She knew exactly what I meant and there was no more important piece of advice that I could have given.

All of these amazing women have had their personal challenges to overcome – yet they all have done so beautifully – and continue to overcome and become more powerful influences. With the trials that have beset them, it has led each of them to a higher purpose and a defined focus. Please make sure your mothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters, the young women around you, and all others look to these women as role models. There is so much to learn from each one of them. These are the role models that young women of the world need. These are the ones whose light truly does shine forth.