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5 Awesome Gifts for Father’s Day

5 Awesome Gifts for Father’s Day
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Father’s Day is just around the corner and we thought we would give a few suggestions to help make your gift giving process a little easier.

1. Audio Books

Dad’s would like to read more, but they are strapped for time. How about buying them an audio book for Father’s Day so they can pass the time on the way to work in a more pleasurable way?

Our recommendation? Joseph Smith the Prophet by Truman G. Madsen

joseph smith audiobook

Joseph Smith — Who was he? What was he like? How did he accomplish so much in so little time? In this enlightening eight-lecture series, Dr. Truman G. Madsen presents a fascinating history of the first prophet of the Restoration. He offers deep insights into the life of this great man, adding his own witness of Joseph Smith’s calling.


“Truman Madsen has done extensive research on the history and major events in the Prophet Joseph Smith’s life. If this is the same as the cassette version I bought about 20 years ago, there are 8 different talks entitled “First Vision and Its Aftermath,” “Spiritual Gifts,” “Joseph’s Personality and Character,” “Joseph Smith and Trial,” “Kirtland Temple,” “Doctrinal Development and Nauvoo,” “Teacher, Speaker, Counselor,” “Last Months and Martyrdom.” I have listened to these numerous times and never tire of hearing them again. I am glad they are still available to the public. I highly recommend this lecture series to anyone.”

The Best Fathers Day Gift With No Holes And A Perfect Fit

2. Statues

Have you ever been to your dad’s office? Sometimes a father tries to make his office feel like home, but he might need a little help. Dad’s like showing off what’s important to them, and this would be a wonderful way to do so.

Our recommendation? The Angel Moroni Statue

moroni statue

The Angel Moroni has become an international symbol of the LDS faith. Adorning The Book of Mormon and temples throughout the world, this statue will bring a reminder of our faith and of the great and dreadful day of the Lord’s coming. This statue is also available in 15″.


Excellent quality. Great looking.





3. Oil Vials

Being a father comes with lots of responsibility – and one duty that ever father wants to carry out as best he can is his priesthood duty. An oil vial is something he always wants to carry with him – because he never knows when someone will be in need.

Our recommendation? The Christus Oil Vial

oil vial


This beautiful oil vial features the engraved image of the Christus on one side and the quote, “The Priesthood. Safeguard it, treasure it, live worthy of it.” – Thomas S. Monson. Sold exclusively at, get yours today! You can browse dozens of other oil vials here.

If carrying a vial around is too cumbersome, consider looking into Oil Vault. Oil Vault is the new way for LDS church members to carry oil. Keep Oil Vault in your wallet, bag, purse, gym bag, and phone case.

oil vault

4. CTR Rings

If your father speaks a foreign language, like Spanish, Japanese, or Elvish, there is a chance he would be giddy if he received a CTR ring in his favorite language. These rings come in just about any language – real or pretend – that you can imagine.
ctr rings ctr rings









5. Tie Clips

Dad’s got enough ties on Father’s Day, right? Why not get him an accessory like a tie clip? This awesome clip serves two purposes – one is to keep his tie stable, the other is to remind his to SMILE! As the scriptures say, “to be Spiritually-Minded Is Life Eternal.” 2 Nephi 9:39

f8af652f-0220-49ef-ab01-51500f1a501a LDS-SMILE-Tie-Clip-e1462585069884








Whether you chose to get your father something or not, remember that the most important thing you can ever give him is love and appreciation for the influence he has been in your life. Hopefully you take the chance often to show your him how much you love him.

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