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Mother’s Day Video Released Featuring Well Known Latter-day Saint Influencers

Mother’s Day Video Released Featuring Well Known Latter-day Saint Influencers

For about a year Kori Andrews and his wife Katie felt they needed to do more on social media to #sharegoodness. They decided to create a YouTube Channel called “Happily Ever After Project” to support and celebrate families. They want to share quality content that will inspire and bring hope and happiness to individuals and families. Two weeks ago they finally determined to jump in with both feet. They decided that if they were going to create a channel about families they should begin by focusing on the most amazing part of the family – mothers.

Kori reached out to some Latter-day Saint actors, musicians, and online influencers and asked them if they would be willing to collaborate on a Mother’s Day Tribute video. The feedback was fantastic and they were able to interview twenty-two incredible people in three days. Kori says, “It was truly an unforgettable and inspiring experience for my wife and I to hear of the great love these individuals have for their mothers.”

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Kori and Katie would not have been able to do this project without Alex Balinski, who allowed them to use his equipment for both filming and editing. Alex has over 10,000 videos on the YouTube Channel, Prepare To Serve – so his help and expertise on the project was invaluable.

Mother’s Day Video Released Featuring Well Known Latter-day Saint Influencers

The Mother’s Day video entitled “Selfless Love: A Mother’s Day Tribute” features recognizable faces from recent Latter-day Saint movies including Dawn and Anthony Armstrong (Missionary Mom and Missionary) from “Meet the Mormons”, Clint Pulver and Monica Moore Smith (Elder Kestler and Julie Flinders) from the new “Saturday’s Warrior”. It also includes well known Latter-day Saint musicians Jenny Oaks Baker (America’s Violinist), Brad Robins (Gentri), Nik Day (singer/songwriter), and Madilyn Paige (The Voice). The video is rounded out with a popular YouTuber – The Piano Gal (Sara Arkell), The Founder of (Ben Arkell), a Latter-day Saint comedian (Stephen Jones), a vlogging Family (the Tannerites), members of of the OneVoice International Gospel Choir (the Bonner Family), and Rebbeca Beach (Pins and Things). Watch the video below.

The title of the collaborative video was influenced, in part, by a quote from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, “No love in mortality comes closer to approximating the pure love of Jesus Christ than the selfless love a devoted mother has for her child.”

Kori shared a little more about the goals of his project with us. He said,  “In classic fairy tales the characters must fight evil villains or overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to reach their “happily ever after”. We are already looking forward to our next project for our YouTube Channel. We are searching for happily married Latter-day Saint couples with fun, interesting, or miraculous love stories and document their journey to their “happily ever after”. Our hope is to collect 100 inspirational and entertaining love stories in the next year. We will also be collecting dating, marriage, and parenting tips/advice from those we interview to post on our YouTube Channel as well. We are hoping that this will be entertaining resource that will be helpful to individuals and families on their journey to their “happily ever after”.

If you or someone you know has a love story that needs to be shared then let them know by emailing

Media: Mother’s Day Video Released Featuring Well Known LDS Influencers – Monica Moore Smith

Monday 9th of May 2016

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