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A Call to Beauty By The Missionary Mom Dawn Armstrong.

A Call to Beauty By The Missionary Mom Dawn Armstrong.

In honor of the General Relief Society Meeting taking place this weekend…I am sharing this message of beauty. My very first vlog! Ahh! I am very much an amateur at videos. However, after this life changing experience at the mall, my heart beckoned me to share it. Any of you that have attended my speaking engagements know exactly what I teach about beauty, self love and being true to who we are.  Those things that I teach, that is truly what I believe and it is how I live my life.

Until today, I never realized how much I could offend my heart and soul by stepping away from who I am, even just a little bit. Watch the video, and hear all about my “makeover”.

After you watch the video, please take the time to look at the pictures I posted below. These were taken at Camp Cumorah last summer. I had just spoken to around 400 girls and the spirit was so strong! We all laughed and we cried together, and truly grew so much from loving one another. I fell in love with them, and in an instant they became my best friends. This is just one of several speaking engagements full of miracles, healing and loving one another. Each one being so sacred and dear to me heart.

My friends! These are the moments in my life that I have never felt more BEAUTIFUL! My makeup is all cried off. My heart is wide open. My hands are doing God’s work as I serve my brothers and sisters in Christ. I see beauty everywhere, all of the time. Yet I never see it attached to a certain size, a certain shape or shade. It just IS. God given beauty radiates the most when we are caught right in the act of doing good!!  Read the rest at Dawn Armstrongs Blog, LoveDawn