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Miracle on I-15 – Man Parks on Freeway and Gives Blessing to Woman Mangled in Car Wreck

Miracle on I-15 – Man Parks on Freeway and Gives Blessing to Woman Mangled in Car Wreck

jessica bingham

An accident on I-15 in Utah left traffic backed up for miles as debris was scattered on the freeway causing long delays. One man was on his way home when he felt a prompting to do something out of the ordinary. Danny Paniagu shared the following post on his Facebook account:

I cant believe this happened…..

Approaching this horrible accident seconds after it happened, I felt prompted by the spirit to park my car and run over to the other side of the freeway (oncoming traffic) where I found a girl on the side of the road laying in a pool of blood and torn flesh head to toe. As I got closer I realized that she was still alive. Barely.

Another man approached and began yelling, “We need oil! We need oil, does anyone have any?!” I knew exactly what he meant and I found myself saying, “I do!”

The spirit overwhelmed us as we knelt down and layed our hands over this girls bloody head. After he anointed the oil, he looked at me and said, “Your turn to give the blessing..” Normally I can’t think straight in these situations and prefer to pass the baton to someone else but there was no one else…

The Lord gave me strength to be His servant in that moment. The spirit overwhelmed all of us and priesthood power was manifested in those sweet minutes.

We believe that blessing held her together till the ambulance arrived. It’s amazing how the spirit can work through us imperfect human beings if we allow it. You never know when our Heavenly Father calls for our service and we need to be ready.

She is in the hospital. Please pray for that girl and her family. We found out her name is Jessica Bingham. If anyone knows her, please let me know… I’d like to follow up on her condition.

*Update* Thanks to so many incredible people we got ahold of her family and Jessica. She is a Miracle and she is recovering well. Doctors are shocked at her progress. She is loved by so many of you and I think we all can agree that this has been an incredible experience of love. Her mother and I connected and are now running the gofundme campaign together!

Jessica Bingham

Please show your love to her if you can through gofundme. Read the description to learn a bit of her story! Every penny will be given to her and anyone who wants to join me to deliver it to her is welcome!!!

Richard A Erickson

Wednesday 23rd of March 2016

This shows the power of the Priesthood when we follow the spirit

Ben Arkell

Wednesday 23rd of March 2016

It sure does!