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global testimony

Is there any feeling more incredible than being in a testimony meeting where members of the congregation are bearing heartfelt conviction and the Spirit is at maximum capacity? Don’t you just love it when that happens?

Now, granted, that’s not the case every fast and testimony meeting, but on occasion it does happen. The feeling of being in a chapel that is full of God’s Spirit is so powerful.

Those same feelings come to me each time I pick up this new book, A Global Testimony. It’s a compilation of conversion stories from members of 60 different countries around the globe. One of the thoughts that kept coming to me as I was reading the accounts of these modern day pioneers was the following: Every member NEEDS to read this book. Let me explain why.

global testimony

Who Would Benefit From Reading A Global Testimony?

A Global Testimony contains miraculous accounts of people all over the world and their introduction to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was incredible to see the patterns that were present in each story. These patterns and principles have the power to touch everyone in a certain way.

The long time member born into the church (I’m included in this group) will get a fresh perspective of what attracts people to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Having always known the gospel, I feel I take certain things for granted and perhaps don’t appreciate all the Church has to offer. Reading these powerful conversion stories became a powerful witness for me that The Church of Jesus Christ holds the real answers to the questions of the soul that I never asked myself, but that most people in the world do. It was very surprising for me to learn how many people struggle with not knowing what their purpose was on this earth, and they yearned for knowledge of where they came from, and where death would take them.

The convert to the gospel of Jesus Christ will experience a wonderful journey of remembrance as they are able to look back on their own path to conversion. Remembering is one of the most important ways to keep firm in the faith of Christ, and as converts read of questions, doubts, and the path to conversion, their minds will be flooded with memories of their very personal and unique experiences. It will increase their faith, and cause them to rekindle the flame of their testimony if necessary – and they will yearn for the feelings of the Spirit in their hearts and homes.

The current or future full-time missionary will have their minds open to the questions of this life that people are seeking answers too. They will build courage and understanding as they see how many of these wonderful conversion stories involved someone who at first contact had no interest in speaking with missionaries. As missionaries they’ll learn to never give up. They’ll learn that everyone goes through periods of doubt and that Satan is fighting hard against them, but with diligence and prayer, the ones that God has prepared will in the end make the correct choice and want to covenant with Heavenly Father to do his will.

The parent in Zion will enjoy reading these accounts with their children which will invoke in them a sense of gratitude for having a safe place to worship. One of the accounts is from a sister who lived in Bethlehem and had to travel on foot undercover for miles each Sunday to make it to church. She was in constant danger of being captured, raped, and on many occasions had to avoid gunfire. She endured all this so she could attend her meetings on the Sabbath Day. Stories like these will open the eyes and hearts of your children and instill in them a sense of gratitude and a desire to know God as these wonderful saints have come to know Him.

To purchase a copy of the book or to read more reviews , click here.

global testimony


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